Best Left Handed Cricket Pads for 2023

Best Left Handed Cricket Pads for 2023 1

For those who know cricket and who have spent time batting, it is clear why there is a need for left-handed or right-handed cricket batting pads. If you’re new to the sport and buying the equipment for the first time it can actually be a little confusing. Why do leg pads need to be tailored to a left or right hander?

Well, we explain left handed batting pads in this guide and the reasons for pads that suit the lefty batters.

Choosing The Best Left Handed Cricket Pads 

Before buying your left handed cricket pads it is important to understand the role that pads play and the fact that they are absolutely crucial. Anyone who has felt the hardness of a cricket ball will understand straight away. One of those hitting you on the shins is not a pleasant experience, and can even leave lasting damage.

The largest section of the cricket pad is often referred to as the “face” and it covers most of the lower leg. A “Knee Roll” sits over the knee area. You’ll often hear commentators talk about this part of the pad as it can be useful when making LBW decisions.

There is a part above the Knee Roll called the “Top Hat” which is there to protect the bottom section of the thigh, and the “Wings” cover the outside of the legs, along with straps around the back to keep your pads in place.

The Difference Between Left Handed Cricket Pads and Right Handed

When a left-hander takes to the crease, their right hand side will be facing the bowler and therefore the ball that will be flying towards them. This means that there is a requirement for an extra bit of protection and cushioning on the right pad, which can be seen as a “lead” cricket pad.

Of course, it follows that the reverse is true. For right handers, the left pad should be the pad that offers the majority of the protection.

It is easy to put your pads on incorrectly and this way you are missing out on the sort of protection that the pads are designed for. Make sure you think about how you are putting the pads on and also check the back of the pads as there may be a “L” and “R” sign on your left hand cricket pads, to give you a helping hand. 

Ambidextrous Cricket Pads

Ambidextrous pads are neither right or left handed cricket pads. Instead, they are pretty much the same for both left and right, with no extra protection to suit your strong or weak side.

These pads are usually on the cheaper end of the market. If you are playing at a higher level then it is a good idea to get a model that can give you that little bit of extra protection. It’s definitely worth the extra when you consider the fact that it can help you to avoid injuries and a whole lot of pain.

The Village Cricket Co. Left Handed Pads

Best Left Handed Cricket Pads for 2023 2

£47 – Buy on Village Cricket Co.

Our batting pads are one part of our range, helping to fulfil our mission of creating an affordable way to get into cricket. We believe that cricket gear should be dependable as well as affordable. 

The pads are designed to give you a huge amount of protection (especially with your front leg) and they have an added inner protection to help further with those balls that rattle your pads.

As well as being very protective, they are secure and sit perfectly in place, with a 1” knee strap, and both calf and ankle straps to keep in place.

The pads have traditional “seven bar” designs which means that they are split into seven different sections, with three central “rolls” and two on either side.

The mesh padding on these cricket pads also does a very good job of ensuring that they are breathable (and don’t stink out your equipment bag too badly).

On top of all the great benefits of the pad’s design, it is available in both right and left handed models. A lot of village cricket clubs use our equipment thanks to the professional standard it brings as well as the affordability. 

Adidas XT 2.0 Teal Cricket Batting Pads

Best Left Handed Cricket Pads for 2023 3

RRP £100 – Buy on Cricket Direct

If you are looking for another option that is more expensive than the Village Cricket Co. pads, then the Adidas XT pads could be a good option. They have a clever pad design with a three piece cane inner and high density foam. 

They’re pretty lightweight but have some clever extras such as a combination of both high and low density foam for both comfort. The sculpted wings and knee roll are very well designed which give the whole leg a high level of protection.

With a mesh instep and internal TPU board the pads combine comfort and durability. As well as being available as RH and LH batting pads they are also available in different sizes, including youth sizings for the younger players. There’s also a “Large Adult” size which is good for those who are 6’3” or taller and want to get the extra protection required.

Summary – Best Left Handed Batting Pads

When you buy cricket pads there are so many things to consider. Value, durability, comfort. Additionally, you should consider the design and whether left or right handed pads are most suitable for your own needs. A left handed batting pad will give you freedom to play your shots and not worry too much about whether it is going to hurt if you miss one (you will still have to worry about those LBW shouts though).

The Village Cricket Co. batting pads are a good option for those on a budget who don’t want to compromise on their protection. There’s a lot of choice out there on the market, but when it comes to making sure you don’t get hurt, you need a certain level of quality.

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