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The ‘no sticker’ version of our classic Village Cricket Bat.

✔️ Ready to play
✔️ Weight: 2lb 9oz
✔️ Size: Short Handle
✔️ One shape & style
✔️ FREE bat case
✔️ Perfect for village cricket

Spend your savings on a post-match beverage.

About Our Plain Cricket Bat

Find the gaps, even if that is through the slips.

Our ‘no sticker’ Village Cricket Bat has been built to last and keep hitting those boundaries in picturesque (or not so pretty) village cricket grounds for years to come. It really is the perfect bat for village cricketers.

The plain bat has no branding, and comes in the same concept as our original Village Cricket Bat. It’s a light/mid-weight cricket bat that if you middle it, it flys. It even comes ready to play so you don’t need to worry (or pay more) for that.

Created by village cricketers to get more people playing the sport as well as saving you money. Have a beer on us!

Word on the square

See what village cricketers are saying about our cricket bats.

I bought my new bat over the winter so have had to wait to wield it in anger until winter nets began. Firstly, the ordering and delivery process was smooth and all proceeded in good time. The handwritten note that came with the bat was a lovely touch Presentation and the look and feel of the bat are great, with the bat cover a nice and unexpected extra touch. Nice feel (I need to add another bat rubber) but pickup and balance are good. I've always used a light bat so 2lb 9oz is about right for me. Found the middle a couple of times and it definitely stayed hit (I even held the pose for the camera for a couple of nice cover drives). Great value for money from my experience so far. Certainly better than the Kookaburra it replaces that cost similar money.
Steve W of Headingley Bramhope CC
This bat is a thing of beauty. It is perfectly weighted with an inviting grip. Most importantly, it sounds so so nice. The sound of a middled cricket ball will soundtrack your daydreams for weeks. It will bring approving nods from even the most experienced teammate. It is everything I wanted in a bat and so much more. It can see it being a loyal companion for years to come.
The bat arrived quickly and when I held it the weight length and feel were perfect for me. It looks good it has a good middle when used in the nets. Brilliant. Thank you guys.
Ali of Pelican CC
Excellent pickup, very well balanced. Lower middle which is great for the pitches we have to play on. The middle pings!!
Harry S
I must say that I was just blown away by the true craftsmanship and quality of the bat. It is tailor made for village cricket and allows club cricketers like me to feel so much more comfortable when going into bat. I especially like the bottom heavy weight which allows for expansive stroke play. Overall this is an amazing product and I would highly recommend!
George McMenemy
Bat looked good - logo not over fussy, and felt comfortable. Lighter than it looked with a balanced pick up. Most of the weight quite low so satisfying ping when you find the middle. Bat handle felt slightly thin but you'd get used to it or add a second grip. A good priced bat for the village batter.
Andy W
A bat well suited to those who enjoy a balanced pickup. The bat has a very nice middle and a good amount of forgiveness at the toe and splice, with the weight helping the ball stay hit. Overall a very nice bat, especially considering it's price!
Michael A
To find a bat that is actually fit for purpose at this price is near on impossible. What these guys are doing is incredible and I applaud them for it. Gutted I didn't come up with the idea. As far as the bat goes I have to say I'm so impressed, I have bought bats for nearly double the cost of this one that should be reserved for use with a tennis ball in the back garden. Keep doing what you're doing and right here you've got a happy customer who will come back time and time again!
Ollie R
Absolute animal of a bat, perfect weight and the middle flew
Freddie W
It feels really nice and has a great middle. Others have liked the pick up too.
Jeremy K
Great Pickup, low middle suitable for slow, low wickets. Good quality bat at an unbelievably affordable price.
Andy B
So far so great. Took delivery yesterday and bat looks and feels great. Appreciate the fantastic customer service and can't wait to get going out in the middle. Bring on the start of the season...
James H
Wow what a bat! It took a while to adjust to the weight more centred toward the bottom, the handle felt small in the hand but a 2nd grip soon corrected that. The bat has a great middle and really pings. You get all this for under £100, I definitely recommend this bat!
Wayne G
Lovely looking bat with a good pickup and when I've got near middle the ping was nice, handle/grip for me is a little on the thin side but I normally put extra grips on anyways all in all you won't find a better bat for the money. Thanks Freddie and the team!
Gary H
What a stunning Bat Village Cricket Co have produced. Felt like a ‘see how it goes’ moment when ordering, rather than being stuck to the established brands…. But from the first warm up in the nets to my first cover drive for 4, the bat is a delight. Fantastic middle rockets the ball with good balance for technical shots, drives and the big swing! Great service and price point for regular or occasional batsman, I wasn’t disappointed. Just ordered a bat for my son too…. My daughter will want one too! Thanks to Freddie and George for starting a great company.
The quality of the bat you are getting for price is amazing. Has a great light pickup and the middle really pings with a good sound. Also a plus that's it essentially ready to go straight away.
Mike of Perth
Middle is big and sweet, compares with bats I’ve used costing four times the price.
Rob L of Broomfield CC
Middle absolutely pings! Great pick up as well. Needs another grip as the handle is a bit thin but overall it’s a top bat
Craig B of Milford On Sea CC
For the first time in 20 years, I have had buy a new cricket bat and I was shocked at how expensive they are. After a quick internet search , I came across the Village Cricket Bat Co. and was impressed by their ethos and attitude to the game. Ordering the bat was a breeze with personalised customer service. When the bat arrived, I was impressed by the feel and balance of it, and in the first net session, any middled shots flew. I am looking forward to seeing if it will improve my batting average, but I think that the quality of this bat exceeds my skill level!
Ben W of ASM & New Look CC
Superb bat for that price lovely balance and pick up
Joe A of Densvets
It is great, amazing. Had few shots just flying off the bat, cleared boundary few times with minimal effort. Looks solid and feels great. Good pick-up and middle, pings well. Pretty pleased. I love it, recommended to few of my friends as well.
Suresh P
Picked up the bat at the start of the season and its been quality, great bit of kit. I loved the no fuss with knocking in and getting to support a couple of guys who genuinely care about their bat and village cricket.
Milo T
The bat arrived right on time and in perfect condition. The added cover and hand written note was a lovely touch. I've since had it out in the nets and absolutely loved it. I've decorated it with a few edges but that's my problem, not the bat's! Thanks again for the great service from start to finish and all the best for the future.
Jack C
Love the bat! It's got a lovely, satisfying ping to it. The balance is great too, with the weight centred around the lower/middle section, which is perfect for the conditions I play in where the ball never gets up too much. Great value for money!
Sarathy K
I've used the bat a couple of times and have found it to be really nice, the weight is just right for me, and it has a lovely sweet spot. Both times when I have batted, I've been bringing up the rear, finding myself batting for a lot of overs to get us over the line. The fact that it's knocked in is fantastic, and I believe that better players than me would probably like it. I think that this would be perfect for anyone, and have recommended it to all my team mates.
Keith T
The pick-up and balance of the bat is absolutely fine. It has a nice profile that gives a large hitting area, and it's more than capable of clearing the boundary. Nice thick toe area without making it feel bottom heavy. Its a solid bat that I expect will last for many seasons. Good value for money imho.
Sam J
The bat looks and feels great. Slightly heavier than my previous bat but I’ll soon get used to that. Only used it once and I was bowled for 8! Lovely sweet spot when I managed to time into correct!
Jordan D
I have used this bat in my last 6 matches. In the first match, I scored 51, and in another match, I scored 35 then 25 in the next one. Three of them I scored only less than 5. I am impressed with this bat and the ball flies like a bullet if it gets connected.
Manoj V
I loved the honesty and no frills approach of the Village Cricket Co. The bat itself is excellent value for money and looks smart. The ball really pings off the middle and the pickup is nice and balanced. It is also a nice touch to get a bat cover included.
The bat is cracking. Pickup of the bat is great for me. With a low to centre middle. Perfect for Scottish wickets. Overall I really like my new bat and would reccomend getting this bat. Thanks so much village cricket for creating an affordable and stylish bat.
Jon B
So far so good. Great pick up and great middle and sounds good too.

Delivery & Returns

Delivery is £5 per order.

We aim to get all orders out within 24 hours, so you should get your bat within 2-3 days.

We really hope you love your new bat as much as we do. However, if you don’t, you’re welcome to return it unused within 30 days from when it arrives and we’ll fully refund you.

For more information head on over to our Delivery & Returns page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Not at all. We’ve done it for you, don’t spend hours of your life annoying everyone banging your bat with a mallet to knock it in. Or worse, pay over the odds for other brands to do it for you.


All of our bats are created India. Made from the Salix Alba willow grown in the Kashmir region of India. Similar to that of what Sachin Tendulkar used during his early career.


There are a few ways we are able to keep the price down for you:

  • The bat is sourced directly from the manufacturer, cutting out any middlemen
  • In each size, we only offer 1 design, style and  weight
  • Keeping it simple,
    we don’t sponsor professional players adding unnecessary costs

Ready to play means that our bats are pre-knocked in at factory by a machine. So your new bat is essentially ready to take straight into action without hours of knocking in using a mallet. However. we do still advise easing into using it starting with softer balls from slower bowlers in the nets.

All of our bats are made from grade G1+ Kashmir Willow. We spent two years testing different types of willow and found this perfect for village cricket. We wrote up our experiences during our research if you wanted to learn more.

One Year Warranty

All our products come with a full years warranty, so if anything is to happen to your cricket bat then we will replace it free of charge.

All we ask is that you don’t smash it against a wall after 364 days.

So what are you waiting for?

At Village Cricket Co. our mission is to make cricket more accessible and bring enjoyment to more kids to get them to take up the sport and love it like we did when we were younger.

We opt out of fancy branding, sponsoring players, or creating multiple versions of the same bat to keep our costs down, so we can pass them on to you.

Our junior cricket bats have been designed to help kids get their own bat and start hitting boundaries in no time. It comes ready to play (no knocking in required) so you don’t need to worry (or pay more) for that.

Created by village cricketers to get more people playing the sport, as well as saving you money.

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