Best Cricket Thigh Pads for 2023

Best Cricket Thigh Pads for 2023 1

Is your cricket equipment shopping list growing by the day? In this guide, we explore the best cricket thigh pads for the 2023 season and beyond. 

We know, there’s a lot to buy when you’re getting into cricket, or if you have a child who simply loves cricket and has started playing the gentleman’s game. A thigh pad is pretty important for both kids and adults. Nobody wants that hard cherry of a ball hitting them…well, anywhere. A thigh pad can save you some nasty bruises or even worse damage than that.

Let’s explore the top cricket thigh pad options and some of the models to consider for 2023.

Types of Thigh Pad

Before reviewing individual models, it is a good idea to understand your options. Did you know that there isn’t just one type of thigh pad? There are a few choices, and different people have their own preference. If you’re the sort of village cricketer that likes to attack and doesn’t mind wearing a few deliveries you should make sure you are protected.

The traditional thigh pad covers one thigh, with straps that connect around the back. It’s a simple design, and it does the job. For men’s cricket, playing with a hard ball, you need a pad that is thick and strong.

There are other types of thigh pad. Some opt for “lower body protector” or “all-in-one” designs. These are worn around the waist, a bit like a holster, but still strap tight around both thighs. There’s no “right” or “wrong” here. Choose whichever design you like and that gives you protection.

Best Thigh Pads

Best Cricket Thigh Pads for 2023 2

Time to run down the top options for batters…

Gray-Nicolls All In One Thigh Guard

Best Cricket Thigh Pads for 2023 3

RRP £34.99 – Buy from All Rounder Cricket

This thigh guard is one of the models that you wear around your waist. It has plenty of padding and a spandex design that sits comfortably around the waist and legs, no matter what size you are.

​​As you would expect, the Gray-Nicolls All In One Thigh Guard comes in different styles and designs, with left-handed and right-handed models as well as youth and senior versions. Make sure you pick the right option for you and your batting stance.

They’re decent value, and they quickly slip on and off with the straps once you are used to them. If you want to protect both thighs with one piece of kit, they are worth considering.

Gray-Nicolls Academy Thigh Pad

Best Cricket Thigh Pads for 2023 4

£15.99 – Buy from

Another option from cricket giants Gray-Nicholls. Pads don’t come much simpler than these.

This is the “classic” sort of design you might associate with thigh pads. It’s pretty affordable, and lightweight, but best for junior players in spite of coming in four sizes (including an adult size). 

The PU cover is durable and fairly protective without adding a lot of weight to the product, and the thigh guard manages to stay really adjustable with straps that can suit players of different shapes, sizes, and ages. The towelling backing also means that on hot, sweaty days out in the middle (hopefully scoring some runs) they don’t get too clammy.

We’ve discussed the cover being lightweight, and this does come at the price of not offering huge protection if you’re facing 75mph snorters, or worse. Some adult cricketers opt for something a bit more sturdy, but they’re great for village and junior cricketers.

Gunn & Moore Gm Men Thigh Pad 909

Best Cricket Thigh Pads for 2023 5

£17 – Buy from

Gunne & Moore is another brand name you’re likely to see on the village cricket pitches across the country on Saturday afternoons!

The 909 thigh pad is a good option, it’s cheap and it does a good job, a bit like the Village Cricket Bat. Also, like this value bat, the value GM thigh pads make a good addition to the village club’s kit bag. They’re “ambidextrous” so can be used with either leg. If someone forgets their pads they can slip this on and have some protection.

The straps are easy to fasten and secure once you get the hang of it, and the sturdiness comes from dense foam. It still hurts to wear one, but like all pads – it helps.

Aero P2 Stripper Lower Body Protector

Best Cricket Thigh Pads for 2023 6

RRP £44.99 – Buy from All Rounder Cricket

The Aero brand makes some big claims about the equipment on offer, such as being more technically advanced than competing brands. The video below shows some of their impressive gear.

When it comes to their Lower Body Protector product, this definitely stacks up. The Aero P2 Stripper has some really great features, and it is a well thought out thigh pad that even protects some other areas.

The protector was redesigned in 2015 to give better comfort and durability and it is even easier to wash! Perfect for avoiding that musty smell that some cricket bags can build up over time.

The design sits nicely around the midriff and this makes it comfy for playing. Moulded foam also gives you plenty of protection when hit with those harder deliveries. They even give some protection to the hip and buttocks, more places you don’t want to get hit by a shiny, round ball travelling at the speed of a car.

A bit pricier than the other options, but this is more of a high-end product with that extra level of protection. On top of that, it is available in different sizes so you can get the exact right fit for your needs. This means more comfort but also means you are likely to get more comprehensive protection.

If you go out into the middle without thigh pads, there is every chance you’re going to regret it when you’re rolling around on the floor in pain! 

Finding the best cricket thigh pads doesn’t even have to be particularly expensive. Affordable models by GM cricket and other big manufacturers still give you a good level of padding and save some of those dinner-plate bruises batters can get.

Let us know what cricket thigh pads you’re using and the success you’ve had with them.

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