The Size 4 Cricket Bat Created For Your Kid

Are you lucky enough to have a child who dreams of being the next Ben Stokes or Kane Williamson? You can support their hobby by getting the right equipment, and for a junior cricket bat, size 4 is perfect for kids ages 9 or 10.

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harrow cricket bat

Why buy a size 4 cricket bat from Village Cricket Co.?


We don’t offer 10 different bat designs with very slight differences that most people wouldn’t notice. We keep it simple for you.


If the bat breaks within one year in a game or practice then we will replace the bat completely free of charge.


We do everything in our power to ensure that our products are assessible to enable as many people as possible to enjoy the game of cricket.



James S
My daughter is absolutely loving swinging the bat around the garden. It’s perfect, thank you so much. 


John W
Thanks Village Cricket Co. for giving my 14 year old son the confidence that he can ‘clump’ it! There’s nothing worse than a branded ‘plank’ which means you can’t get it off the square; with a Village Junior Bat he’s in business.


Ahmed D
I bought one for my son after he loved watching The Hundred. Was worried a wooden bat might be a bit too heavy for him but this one seems great.


Sara B
My son absolutely loves his first bat! We’ve been out in the garden almost every day since it arrived. Thank you so much Freddie & George!

More About Our Size 4 Cricket Bat


Our size 4 cricket bat is 75 cm long (~29.5 inches) making it suitable for the average height of a 9 or 10 year old – between around 4′ 9″ and 4′ 11″.


Our size four cricket bat is approximately 935g (or 2lb 1oz). In our experience, this puts it on the lighter end of most size 4 bats on the market.


We do everything possible to ensure our bats are affordable which is vital for our mission. Our size 4 bat costs just £57.

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harrow cricket bat

Size 4 Cricket Bat

Whether your kid is just starting out or making roads at their local village club our size 4 cricket bat is ideal and will have them smashing boundaries in no time – without the usual price tag.

We opt out of fancy branding, sponsoring players or creating multiple versions of the same bat to keep our costs down so we can pass them on to you.

Our size 4 cricket bat has been designed to help kids get their own bat and start hitting boundaries in no time. It comes ready to play (no knocking in required) so you don’t need to worry (or pay more) for that.

Our Story

We don't like cricket, we love it!

We’re Freddie & George, founders of Village Cricket Co. Village cricketers for a combined 20+ years.

Village Cricket Co. was started to make cricket more accessible and to give back to the community that we have loved for so many years.

We believe that the game of cricket should be enjoyed without needing to spends hundreds (or sometimes nearly a thousand) of pounds in equipment.

Out local efforts to increase participation in cricket will soon reach nationwide and one day, worldwide.

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Cricket Bat Size Guide

Size 4 Cricket Bat 2


A child’s age should be considered when choosing a cricket bat that is size 4. Usually, the bat will be perfect for budding young cricketers. The size is about right for 9-10 year-olds. However, parents will know that kids don’t all grow at the same rate. It’s more about their height than their age when choosing a cricket bat. Batters between to 4ft 9” to 4ft 11” will find size 4 to be suitable. Some people are tempted to give their kids bigger bats in the hope they grow into them. This doesn’t tend to work. It’s impossible to learn the right batting technique if the bat comes up past your waist!

There are a few ways we are able to keep the price down for you:

  • The bat is sourced directly from the manufacturer, cutting out any middlemen
  • We keep our bats simple, offering just one option for each size, suitable for all kids.
  • We don’t sponsor professional players adding unnecessary costs

Our size four cricket bats are made from Salix Alba willow. Sustainably sourced from the Kashmir region of India.

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One Year Guarantee

Paying under £100 for a cricket bat would make anyone worry whether it will last. We completely appreciate that so we will replace any broken back from a match or practice within one year of purchase.

All we ask is that you don’t smash it against a wall after 364 days.

Delivery & Returns

Delivery is £5 per order.

We aim to get all orders out within 24 hours, so you should get your bat within 2-3 days.

We really hope you love your new bat as much as we do, however, if you don’t you’re welcome to return it unused within 30 days from when it arrives and we’ll fully refund you.

For more information head on over to our Delivery & Returns page.

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