Our products are made with quality materials and manufactured to our high standards. However, there is always occasions where you may experience an issue with one of our products.

In these rare occasions, we always look resolve the problem as efficiently as possible.

The information below summarises our one year warranty policy which applies to all of our products.

All warranty periods start from the day of purchase – you do not need to register your warranty, this is automatic.

Cricket Bat Warranty

Every cricket bat is unique, as are village cricketers and the force batters hit the ball. So it is difficult to predict accurately the lifespan of a cricket bat.

Warranty Terms

All of our cricket bats are covered by our one year warranty covering manufacturing faults that are not the customers fault.

This includes:

  • Handle breakage (to include splice issues)
  • Horizontal split due to defects in the bat (from defects such as storm damage)
  • Delamination

Our warranty is a goodwill agreement and subject to approval (usually via photos). In rare cases we may require you to send the bat back to us, in this case we will cover the cost of the return postage.

All warranty decisions are at the discretion of Village Cricket Co.

We reserve the right to withdraw the warranty replacement service if damage is caused by one of the following:

  • Deliberate damage
  • Use of poor quality balls
  • Water damage
  • Heat damage
  • Poor storage conditions

Our warranty service is a like for like replacement for a brand new product.

A lot of ‘damage’ that occurs during the lifespan of a cricket bat is usually superficial and does not impact the performance of the bat itself.

If you have any questions on our warranty, please contact us at hello@villagecricket.co.

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