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Best Cricket Podcasts for 2021

The world of cricket podcasts is expanding all the time.

Whether you’re looking for something made by one of the big media companies like Sky Sports, or you are looking for quirky podcasts made by comedians and cricket lovers, our list has something for you.

1. Test Match Special Podcast

This comes out once a week, and more when England are playing in a test match. Test Match Special, or TMS, features some voices we’ve all come to love in the world of cricket and has some of the best access to current and former players. It’s a great way to keep up-to-date with how England are doing, too.

2. Middle Please, Umpire

Hosted by England cricketer Mark Wood and comedian Miles Jupp, this podcast has it all, with hilarious insights from two of the wittiest hosts you can imagine. There are also a number of incredible guests, too. The recent episode with Jos Buttler was both funny and insightful. A must for cricket fanatics.

3. The Rain Break

This is hosted by former Scotland cricketer Matt Machan. The podcast explores “untold stories in the world of cricket” and it really does give an awesome insight into what it is like to be a cricketer.

There are some good guests on the show, but some of the best episodes feature Matt Machan and Jack Brooks chatting away. Check out the recent episode with Jim Troughton giving his thoughts on England, leadership, and coaching.

4. Wisden Cricket Weekly

Wisden is a name every cricketer knows. They aren’t just about the huge annuals you can use as doorstops, and Wisden Cricket Weekly is a podcast that has been going since 2017. Cricket podcasts UK-based in nature tend to have a focus on the England team. Wisden does a good job of focusing on global cricket, so if you love to keep up with India, Australia and other huge cricketing nations, this is the podcast for you.

Marcus Trescothick recently joined the show to talk about the famous 2-1 series win in Sri Lanka in 2000. This kind of fascinating look into professional cricket is one of the reasons we love the show.

5. The Final Word Cricket Podcast

This is not as well-known as some of the other podcasts out there but The Final Word cricket podcast is brilliant for those who want to keep up to date with Australian cricket. Hosts Geoff Lemon and Adam Collins describe the podcast as “your friendly guide to the world’s strangest sport”.

This podcast doesn’t have as many guests as some of the others, but when there are guests they tend to be great episodes. A 2020 Christmas special featured Jim Maxwell, and it’s well worth a listen.

6. The Analyst Inside Cricket

This podcast is brought to you by Simon Hughes and The Cricketer Magazine. It also features opinions and views from “The Analyst”.

A hard-hitting recent podcast (pun intended) was the Isa Guha episode where she talked about her experience as an Asian woman in cricket and cricket punditry.

The Analyst Inside Cricket, as you might expect, often takes a slightly more analytical view than a comedic one but there is still plenty of fun and comedy within, as well as some huge names. Ian Bell featured on a recent episode.

7. Following On

This podcast is made by Talk Sport. They’ve put a real effort into cricket in recent years and gained the rights to a lot of commentaries. They focus on “Watch-A-Long” episodes as well as having some great interviews and access to current cricketing royalty. “The Cricket Collective” episodes have featured none other than Jimmy Anderson, England bowler extraordinaire.

8. The 80’s and 90’s Cricket Show

A chance of a walk down memory lane. The ’80s and ‘90s cricket show is great for those of us who remember some of the big tests of the time, or who want to discover them for the first time.

Loads of the current pundits and TV personalities in cricket were involved at the time, which means some amazing presentation on the show. Nasser Hussain and Ian Botham are featured in recent top episodes.

There’s not a great deal to explore with these podcasts so we’re hoping that they make more. The host, Gary Naylor, does a great job of revisiting those tests as if they were happening now.

9. Cricket Unfiltered

This show might not be the best for English cricket fans as it has a real focus on Australian cricket (that’s to be expected, the hosts are Aussies). Andrew Menczel, Paul Dennett, and Jelisa Apps offer you a chance to hear what’s happening down under.

For the Aussie cricket fan, it can feel like many of the podcasts have a UK focus, but this podcast certainly makes up for that.

10. Sky Sports Cricket Podcast

Most of us cricket fans love the Sky coverage of England. There are some big characters in the punditry team. We can’t get enough. After a long day of watching the cricket, we’ve still got time for “The Debate” on Sky Sports TV and to listen to the Sky Sports Cricket Podcast.

Some of the shows feature sections made up from coverage on the TV, but the access to guests is incredible. You can go from Ben Stokes one week to Jos Buttler the next. Even if they are often short interviews.

Sky make some incredible content around cricket, and we strongly recommend the recent episode featuring “When Mikey and Ebony Spoke”. This features the fallout from the incredible Black Lives Matter interviews featuring Michael Holding and Ebony Rainford-Brent.

10. Tailenders

Greg James, Jimmy Anderson and Felix White with an alternative (and sometimes musical) look at cricket.

Tailenders is less about the podcast and more about the family. Grumpy Uncle Jimmy, the unendingly articulate Felix and the ever-enthusiastic Mattchin are glued together by G-Force’s wit and Sharky’s editorial skills (fuelled by the occasional beer, hand-delivered by his son, Will).

This concludes our list of the best cricket podcasts. All of the podcasts above are available easily online, through your Podcasts app, and many of them are available through Acast. If, like us, you can’t get enough cricket in your eyes and ears, all of them make a great listen.

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