Best Cricket Podcasts for 2024 (as voted for by you) 2

Best Cricket Podcasts for 2024 (as voted for by you)

The world of cricket podcasts is expanding all the time.

Whether you’re looking for something made by one of the big media companies like Sky Sports, or you are looking for quirky podcasts made by comedians and cricket lovers, our list has something for you.

At the start of every season, we reach out to our customers, readers, subscribers and followers to make sure we feature the most popular and up and coming cricket podcasts. And 2024, you voted in your hundreds (413 to be exact) for your favourite.

There is certainly something for everyone in this list. Enjoy.

1. Tailenders

Greg James, Jimmy Anderson and Felix White with an alternative (and sometimes musical) look at cricket.

Tailenders is less about the podcast and more about the family. Grumpy Uncle Jimmy, the unendingly articulate Felix and the ever-enthusiastic Mattchin are glued together by G-Force’s wit and Sharky’s editorial skills (fuelled by the occasional beer, hand-delivered by his son, Will).

2. No Balls

No Balls podcast is hosted by Kate Cross and Alex Hartley and has some incredible insights into both the men’s and women’s formats of the game. The podcast was launched independently before being picked up by BBC and is now distributed on BBC sounds.

Many of the podcasts are covering huge cricketing events, but there are also some very special guests including current players on the No Balls pod.

3. Test Match Special Podcast

This comes out once a week, and more when England are playing in a test match. Test Match Special, or TMS, features some voices we’ve all come to love in the world of cricket and has some of the best access to current and former players. It’s a great way to keep up-to-date with how England are doing, too.

4. Wisden Cricket Weekly

Wisden is a name every cricketer knows. They aren’t just about the huge annuals you can use as doorstops, and Wisden Cricket Weekly is a podcast that has been going since 2017. Cricket podcasts UK-based in nature tend to have a focus on the England team. Wisden does a good job of focusing on global cricket, so if you love to keep up with India, Australia and other huge cricketing nations, this is the podcast for you.

5. Sky Sports Cricket Podcast

Most of us cricket fans love the Sky coverage of England. There are some big characters in the punditry team. We can’t get enough. After a long day of watching the cricket, we’ve still got time for “The Debate” on Sky Sports TV and to listen to the Sky Sports Cricket Podcast.

Some of the shows feature sections made up from coverage on the TV, but the access to guests is incredible. You can go from Ben Stokes one week to Jos Buttler the next. Even if they are often short interviews.

Sky make some incredible content around cricket, and we strongly recommend the recent episode featuring “When Mikey and Ebony Spoke”. This features the fallout from the incredible Black Lives Matter interviews featuring Michael Holding and Ebony Rainford-Brent.

6. Zero Ducks Given

Are you the sort of person who could listen to people chat about cricket for hours?

‘Zero Ducks Given’ has less of a focus on current cricket statistics and results, and more of a focus on the amazing and funny stories that cricket can provide, whether you are playing at a high level or in your village cricket team.

Former England cricketer Steven Finn is joined by Radio X’s Toby Tarrant and Test Match Special’s Dan Norcross in this podcast, and all three of them share some brilliant tales from the world of cricket.

7. Middle Please, Umpire

Hosted by England cricketer Mark Wood and comedian Miles Jupp, this podcast has it all, with hilarious insights from two of the wittiest hosts you can imagine. There are also a number of incredible guests, too. The recent episode with Jos Buttler was both funny and insightful. A must for cricket fanatics.

8. The Grade Cricketer

Originally a book, and a love letter to the sport, even at grass-roots level, The Grade Cricketer has expanded to become a podcast and there are even live shows. The humorous yet emotive view of cricket in the book is echoed through the podcast, and the weekly show also has news, interviews, and more features. Recent tributes to Shane Warne were particularly moving.

9. Following On

This podcast is made by Talk Sport. They’ve put a real effort into cricket in recent years and gained the rights to a lot of commentaries. They focus on “Watch-A-Long” episodes as well as having some great interviews and access to current cricketing royalty. “The Cricket Collective” episodes have featured none other than Jimmy Anderson, England bowler extraordinaire.

10. Stumped

Stumped is another BBC distributed podcast, which also goes out on the World Service as a radio show. It is made in conjunction with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation and All India Radio. Stumped offers some fascinating stories from the history of cricket with a “Tales From The Test” feature. Guests join regular presenters Alison Mitchell, Jim Maxwell and Charu Sharma for a fascinating global view of the world of cricket and its impact on society in general.

11. The Final Word Cricket Podcast

This is not as well-known as some of the other podcasts out there but The Final Word cricket podcast is brilliant for those who want to keep up to date with Australian cricket. Hosts Geoff Lemon and Adam Collins describe the podcast as “your friendly guide to the world’s strangest sport”.

This podcast doesn’t have as many guests as some of the others, but when there are guests they tend to be great episodes. A 2020 Christmas special featured Jim Maxwell, and it’s well worth a listen.

12. The Analyst Inside Cricket

This podcast is brought to you by Simon Hughes and The Cricketer Magazine. It also features opinions and views from “The Analyst”.

A hard-hitting recent podcast (pun intended) was the Isa Guha episode where she talked about her experience as an Asian woman in cricket and cricket punditry.

The Analyst Inside Cricket, as you might expect, often takes a slightly more analytical view than a comedic one but there is still plenty of fun and comedy within, as well as some huge names. Ian Bell featured on a recent episode.

13. Cricket Unfiltered

This show might not be the best for English cricket fans as it has a real focus on Australian cricket (that’s to be expected, the hosts are Aussies). Andrew Menczel, Paul Dennett, and Jelisa Apps offer you a chance to hear what’s happening down under.

For the Aussie cricket fan, it can feel like many of the podcasts have a UK focus, but this podcast certainly makes up for that.

14. The Golden Ducks Podcast

This is released biweekly and features loads of coverage of the cricket world by the weCricket crew. It has a focus on following England and there is a lot of content released whenever there is a test match, or white ball game involving England. This humorous take on the game is even better in video, so the Golden Ducks Podcast YouTube channel is a must-view.

15. Willow Talk

Are you ready to hear the latest and greatest in the world of cricket? Look no further than Willow Talk, a podcast hosted by Adam Peacock and Brad Haddin.

They provide their unique perspectives on the biggest issues in the cricket world and are joined by some of the best storytellers in the game including Adam Gilchrist, Travis Head, Nathan Lyon, Greg Blewett, Merv Hughes and many more.

Willow Talk is your go-to source for cricket conversations that you won’t hear anywhere else, including the latest news, opinions, and untold stories from around the globe.

16. Stumps, Umps & Beer Pumps

It is a fantastic concept, with a focus on the sort of cricket we can all relate to; village cricket. It means that you don’t have to be some sort of superstar cricketer to be featured, and there are some guests on the pod that you won’t see on any global cricket outlets. It’s focused on the “salt of the earth” volunteers and village cricketers who keep the sport going for everyone.

17. Storylines: The Women’s Cricket Show

BBC commentator & Gloucestershire player Melissa Story is joined by fellow BBC commentator & Surrey cricketer Nikki Chaudhuri to discuss all things women’s cricket with interviews and in-depth analysis.

18. 98 Not Out

‘98 Not Out’ is a podcast that brings the latest news and discussion about the national and international cricket scene all year round, featuring guest interviews with the likes of Mark Butcher, Nasser Hussain, Henry Blofeld, David Gower and David “Bumble” Lloyd. ‘98 Not Out’ will give you the cricket fix you need.

19. The 80’s and 90’s Cricket Show

A chance of a walk down memory lane. The ’80s and ‘90s cricket show is great for those of us who remember some of the big tests of the time, or who want to discover them for the first time.

Loads of the current pundits and TV personalities in cricket were involved at the time, which means some amazing presentation on the show. Nasser Hussain and Ian Botham are featured in recent top episodes.

There’s not a great deal to explore with these podcasts so we’re hoping that they make more. The host, Gary Naylor, does a great job of revisiting those tests as if they were happening now.

20. Completely Cricket Podcast

The Completely Cricket Podcast, hosted by Avinash Ehathasan and Zaid Ahmed, is your go to weekly cricket podcast covering all things cricket. From worldwide match summaries and England series reviews to discussion about the latest cricket gossip, we have it all here.

21. Women’s Cricket Chat

Hosted by Hannah Thompson and Alex Pereira, the Women’s Cricket Chat podcast covers the women’s game both globally and domestically. As well as some coverage of huge events, such as the recent women’s World Cup, the Women’s Cricket Chat podcast is able to give a female perspective of the game, including unique episodes such as a recent chat about motherhood as a professional cricketer.

22. Noughtie Child Podcast

This is a charming and fun podcast that discusses women’s cricket and features a lot of guests as well as coverage of the biggest events in the cricket calendar. The hosts are Richard and Polly, who are father and daughter, and the relationship between the two makes this a really fun and personable podcast.

23. The Disability Cricket Podcast

This podcast is described as “results and discussions with players, coaches and key people in the county disability tournament”. Launching in 2021, it has already racked up dozens of fascinating episodes that allow you to keep up with disability cricket, but also provide you with some great info and analysis from key figures within the game.

24. Length Does Matter

Length Does Matter is a fantastic podcast hosted by Chris Rushworth (Durham bowler) and Jonny Hayes (described in his own words as a “below average village cricketer”).

The podcast is now in its second season and as well as the likeable hosts you can enjoy guest appearances from former and current cricketers. A recent episode with Mark Wood was a particular highlight, and the England paceman is always good value as a podcast guest. Joe Denly and Simon Jones are among some other guests who have made an appearance. 

25. The County Cricket Podcast 

Are you a county cricket lover? This podcast makes it easier than ever to keep up with all that is happening in county cricket and to enjoy some of the fascinating and even funny stories from county cricket. Released all through the summer you can keep track of what your local county team is doing from one week to the next, all in the company of Aaron Viles AKA The Cricket Connoisseur, Lancs fan Joe ’Nutzy’ Nuttall, and Glamorgan fan Lucy Rees.

26. Down At Third Man Podcast

This podcast focuses on all aspects of cricket from club cricket to big franchises through to test matches. There are features on modern cricket as well as diving into the history of cricket.

Presented by Ash Turner, Ade Lello and Jonathan Maskrey this show also has regular panelists: Jim Amis, Andy Mountford and Simon Swift, going through all of the key cricket discussions on a week-by-week basis.

27. The Brett Lee Podcast

Brett Lee needs no introduction. His podcast has a unique perspective into life as a cricketer after Brett’s long and successful career. The podcast has some great analysis and takes on modern cricket, as well as banter and stories from a colourful career full of amazing relationships. There are also some special guests, many of whom played with (or against) Lee in his career

28. Dealt With

The Dealt With podcast has the USP of not having any cricket experts, and this gives it the feel of friends chatting about the sport in the pub. Dealt With is in its infancy but early episodes show a lot of promise and there is even a chat with Darren Stevens in a recent episode.

This concludes our list of the best cricket podcasts. All of the podcasts above are available easily online, through your Podcasts app, and many of them are available through Acast. If, like us, you can’t get enough cricket in your eyes and ears, all of them make a great listen.

Let us know if we’ve missed any and we will get them added!

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