The Perfect Bat

For Village Cricketers

Only £97

Can you really get a quality cricket bat for under £100?

We wondered: what would it take to create a great cricket bat suitable for the village form of the game but without the ever increasing price tag?

There’s not a lot we don’t know now about the manufacturing process of a cricket bat, from planting and sourcing the right type of willow trees, to fitting the handle and knocking in.

The result: The Village Cricket Bat.

A high-quality, long lasting cricket bat. 

Created for village cricket by village cricketers.

The Village Cricket Bat

Play cricket with none of the faff. Buy your next bat and get out to the wicket.

The perfect bat for village cricket with none of the fuss of the big brands.

Spend the savings on a beer on us.

✔️ Pre-knocked in
✔️ Suitable for village cricket
✔️ One weight, shape, size
✔️ 180 day guarantee

So what are you waiting for?

bats already sold

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