Best Light Cricket Pads for 2023

Best Light Cricket Pads for 2023 1

If you’ve worn cricket pads before you will know that they can be really cumbersome. Some designs feel like you are heading to the crease wearing sandbags around your legs. Historically, this has been required as it was really the only way to get the sort of durability you need. If it is a choice between wearing a heavy pad and having to take a cricket ball full on the shin. There’s only one winner. Safety first.

Luckily, as time has gone on, lightweight cricket batting pads have come to the market. Technology has improved so much that the same protection can be offered from new, high tech materials. 

Benefits of Lightweight Cricket Pads

Why do you need light cricket pads anyway?

Well, it is a matter of personal choice, and some people don’t care about having light pads. If you’re big and strong then the pads might not feel heavy, or you might even like the weighted feel. However, most people are keen on lightweight pads for a few of the benefits they provide:

  • Less cumbersome, allowing you to play your shots. It’s easier to get in position and access all areas of the ground, and get down low to play all kinds of shots.
  • Easier to run between the wickets. Obviously, anything that makes your legs lighter will help you to run between the wickets, with less weight to carry and less to get in the way.
  • Less kit to carry around. Kit bags get heavy, and while it doesn’t make a huge difference. You’ll want to do everything you can do to reduce the load when you’re taking your bats and other equipment with you.

Village Cricket Co. Pads – Affordable, Lightweight Pads

Best Light Cricket Pads for 2023 2

£47 – Buy on Village Cricket Co.

Our batting pads are one part of our range of affordable cricket products, and they offer excellent quality as well as not costing too much. We want you to be able to spend the savings in the bar after the match!

These pads give exceptional protection, especially to the leading leg, as they are available in both left and right handed design. The inner protection is lightweight but adds some extra padding.

The pads have a 1” knee strap and two more straps that keep them secure. You’ll forget you are even wearing pads.

The pads feature the traditional “seven bar” design you will have seen time and time again on cricket pads. The front of the pad is made of seven different sections, with three central “rolls” and two on either side.

They have a meshed design which also helps with the heat (and avoiding sweat building up). This means that the pads are much less likely to build up a smell in your kitbag. 

It is very hard to find a good set of pads for such an affordable price. The Village Cricket Co. range is perfect for stocking up before the new season and not having a huge bill to contend with.

VKS Superlite Batting Legguards

Best Light Cricket Pads for 2023 3

RRP £65 – Buy on

VKS offers some light cricket pads that are at a very good price too, and they make it onto our list, but they do have the downside of not offering left and right handed models. 

The design has evolved over the years as the brand takes on their customer feedback. Its “superlite” design comes in at under 650g which is very light.

They also have decent protection, but the wide side bolsters aren’t for everyone, and some people will find these to be less flexible than they would like.

To keep the level of protection, there is a perforated PU backing which helps to make sure you aren’t going to get wrapped on the shins. While the brand says that the Ambi design is good for left and right handed players, it is not ideal in our book. However, the brand also offers junior sizes so younger players can make use of light pads.

The padding is certainly secure, three velcro straps fit to your legs and ensure that you have the ideal fit you need and don’t have to keep adjusting them between overs.

Adidas Incurza 1.0 Cricket Batting Pads – Professional Lightweight Cricket Batting Pads

Best Light Cricket Pads for 2023 4

RRP £120 – Buy on Cricket Direct

These pads are those that you are likely to find being worn by some of the cricket professionals. Adidas Incurza lightweight batting pads are worn by the likes of Jofra Archer, Sam Curran, and Tom Banton.

They are far more expensive than the two other models on the list, but do they have the quality to back up the price tag?

They’re certainly protective in spite of their light weight, and they make use of high density foam as well as cane in order to protect the shins and knees. 

The combination of low and high density foam do a good job of keeping the weight very low, and provide a lot of comfort. A leather instep is one of the extra quality materials that you don’t tend to get with the more affordable models. A TPU board also gives a bolster and helps to retain the shape.

The pad definitely has a flourish of quality but this doesn’t mean it is worth it for village cricketers necessarily, you pay a premium for materials such as leather in the construction and they make a difference at an elite level but maybe not for hobbyists. We spend enough on our cricket gear, right?

Summary – Finding Lightweight Cricket Pads

Getting the ideal cricket pads means you should consider a few different factors, and they should always be protective, but on top of this you also need to consider the price. Is it worth spending £100 or more on pads if you’re just going to be playing on the weekends as a hobby?

With the Village Cricket Co. cricket pads you get some impressive features without having to worry about the expense too much. 

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