Best Left Handed Cricket Gloves for 2023

Best Left Handed Cricket Gloves for 2023 1

Cricket gloves are just one part of the huge equipment list for batters when starting to play cricket. It can be intimidating and it can be costly, but fortunately gloves don’t have to cost the earth, and you can find quality cricket gloves that perfectly suit left-handed players.

In this guide, we’re exploring some of the best left handed gloves cricket players and aspiring cricketers can buy, as well as helping you to make the right choice when it comes to your next set of gloves.

Difference Between Right and Left Handed Cricket Gloves

Surely a pair of gloves is a pair of gloves, right? Well, actually, when it comes to cricket gloves it is really important that you get the right pair based on your strong hand. Left hand cricket gloves provide more protection to the leading, bottom hand. You will notice this when you look at the thumb area of the cricket gloves. 

Injuries to the hands are some of the most common cricket injuries and having the right gloves is really your only tool to combat this, so make sure you buy the correct variety based on your strong hand.

Best Left Handed Cricket Gloves

The Village Cricket Co Batting Gloves – Best Value

Best Left Handed Cricket Gloves for 2023 2

£39.00 – Buy on Village Cricket Co.

Our batting gloves provide you with the perfect balance between protection and flexibility. Our whole brand is built around trying to make cricket more affordable and accessible to people, even beginners.

Our batting gloves for left handers are very popular, but the same model is available for right handed batters, too.

As well as offering you a lot of protection, particularly on the thumb that can otherwise be very vulnerable, the gloves are lightweight and keep things flexible enough to ensure you keep hitting the big shots.

The air flow system is also great for those long batting practices or hot summer days. It helps to keep the sweat from building up, and this is much better for the aroma of your kit bag, too.

All of these features and the Village Cricket Co. gloves are still far cheaper than a lot of the competition. We’re so proud of the quality of these gloves that we even offer a one-year warranty to back up your purchase.

Newbery Player Cricket Batting Gloves – Best Pro Option

Best Left Handed Cricket Gloves for 2023 3

RRP £98 – Buy from Cricket Direct

If you find that you’re playing at a more professional level and you are regularly facing some really fast bowlers, then it can be a good idea to get an extra level of protection from a product like the Newbery Player edition batting gloves.

These are available in both right and left hand batting gloves, and they are also flexible in terms of sizes. There is a small, regular, and extra large model so you can get the perfect fit for your own hand. This doesn’t just mean you’ll get plenty of comfort, it also provides you with the proper fit to get great protection.

The interlocking finger design is one of the cleverest things about these gloves. It provides a good freedom of movement so you can access your shots. 

The reinforced gloves have been made out of some great materials including sheepskin leather, and they offer a good level of impact absorption, great for giving your hands the protection they might need against a rapid bowler.

There’s a lot to like about the Newbery Player model of gloves, but the price is more than a lot of village players can really justify.

Gray-Nicolls Alpha 600 Cricket Batting Gloves – Reasonably Priced Finger Protection

Best Left Handed Cricket Gloves for 2023 4

RRP £65 – Buy on Cricket Direct

Gray Nicolls offer plenty of products to protect cricketers, from amateur level through to the professionals. The Alpha 600 gloves are a good option for the intermediate or pro players, and they have some very positive features.

Available in right handed and left handed glove options, these are very lightweight but use a side bar protection as well as curved 3D fibre shield to give a good level of shielding from even hard balls.

If you’re the sort of batter that gets hot out in the middle you may also find that the sweat band included is very useful.

The diffuser foam and finger flex design mean they’re pretty flexible to use, and make a good option for many cricket levels. They’re available in Youth, Small, and Adult sizes as left-handed gloves.

How to Choose The Best Left Handed Cricket Gloves

There are quite a few different aspects to keep in mind when you are buying your ideal gloves. Of course, if you’re a leftie then checking that they are available as left-handed gloves is definitely worthwhile. Most of the best gloves are. 

The top considerations include:

  • Protection. You need adequate protection to ensure that your gloves don’t buckle and lead to injuries. This defeats the purpose altogether.
  • Flexibility. It is hard when your equipment limits your playing ability or the shots you can play. A flexible pair of gloves can help to avoid this becoming an issue.
  • Sweat protection. This helps to avoid your hands getting clammy and sticky during play but also helps to avoid the smell building up in your gloves over time.
  • Price. As with everything in cricket, it is easy to spend an absolute fortune but this may not be required and certainly isn’t justified for most of us village cricketers.
  • Sizes. Most of the time an adult size will be fine but if you are looking for something for juniors or a particularly large adult size then you may want to check which sizes are available.


At the Village Cricket Co. we are proud of the fact that we can make cricket equipment more affordable and therefore make this amazing sport more accessible to people, including left handed players. Though there are plenty of other options out there, our left handed gloves are a good way to save some money on equipment for next season.

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