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The Best Pre-Knocked In Cricket Bat for 2023

If you’re new to playing cricket, “knocking-in” your bat might be a bit of a mystery. It’s an essential part of your bat maintenance, to keep your cricket bat performing well and prevent it from damage.

In this guide, we’re discussing the concept of knocking in and why it is important. We’re also looking at ready to play cricket bats that don’t need you to do anything before you take to the pitch. This is a great solution for beginners.

Why Knocking-In is Important

Bats perform better when they have been knocked in. By knocking the bat with a small mallet repeatedly, it stops the bat from breaking easily. It is a way to compress the fibres and prepare the bat for the sort of punishment it will be taking from a cricket ball.

Knocking-in can take a while. It’s not something you should rush and you need to be thorough. Otherwise, the bat might get damaged. It certainly won’t help you to hit those sweet cover drives if it hasn’t been knocked in.

You should knock in a bat after any prolonged period of time when it isn’t used.

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What it Involves

Before knocking in the bat at all, you need to apply linseed oil. 2-3 tablespoons, evenly spread across the bat. Then leave it for 24 hours.

After this, a bat mallet (a specific piece of kit for this job) can be “knocked” all over the bat. Gently at first, building up slightly more pressure. Marks and indentations are normal, so don’t panic. When you have done the whole of the face of the bat, you should notice the mallet doesn’t leave any marks on the bat anymore.

If you don’t have a bat mallet, you might want to use a cricket ball inside a sock, or a couple of socks. This gives a similar effect.

You need to knock in the toe of the bat, as well as the edges. However, you can’t just take a mallet to them in the same way. This risks damage. Instead, use your mallet or improvised ball in a sock to recreate the sort of blows the bat would actually take while you play cricket. Flick the edges and the toe from the front, rather than side-on.

If you think you have finished the process, try bouncing an old ball on the bat. If it leaves seam marks then you need to knock it in again. Another 20-30 minutes might be needed.

This process can take 3-4 hours in total, so you can see why people are looking for bats that come pre-knocked in.

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Benefits of Pre-Knocked In Cricket Bats

If you are a beginner, you don’t want to risk doing anything wrong and causing damage to your bat. Imagine the frustration of buying a bat, and then almost immediately breaking it by knocking it in incorrectly, or failing to do so thoroughly.

Benefits of a pre-knocked in bat include:

  • It is done by someone with experience. If you have never knocked in a bat before then you won’t know exactly what you are doing. You shouldn’t risk it with your new bat.
  • It takes the time and hassle away from you. Including the oiling of a bat, this is a process that takes more than 24 hours. It’s far better if you don’t have to worry about it.
  • It doesn’t have to cost more. As you will see below, knocking in can come included in the price of your bat.

The Village Cricket Bat – An Affordable Solution

If you are looking for an affordable bat that comes pre-knocked in then The Village Cricket Bat could be your answer. The Village Cricket Co. developed this bat to be your ideal companion on English village cricket pitches.

The Best Pre-Knocked In Cricket Bat for 2023 3

Low middle – by giving the bat a low middle, it copes better with the slow, low bounce of an English pitch. Most cricketers score more runs and make better contact with the ball as a result of this.

It’s 2lb 9oz – this makes the bat a good choice for beginners and experienced players. It’s not too heavy for those players who don’t have an abundance of power, nor is it too light to make great contact and hit six after six. In fact, 2lb 9oz is the most common weight for a bat in the UK.

No professional chasing – the Village Cricket Co. doesn’t chase professionals by giving them freebies or trying to get them to endorse the bat. This is an expensive activity a lot of bat manufacturers do as part of their marketing.

A bat that’s built to last – did you know that some cricket bats are actually designed to break? This is due to the willow used. It means that players have to replace their bat more often. The Village Cricket Bat uses Salix Alba willow. This will last for many seasons if you treat the bat with a little care and attention.

Pre-knocked in – This is a ready to play cricket bat. The Village Cricket Bat is shipped to you having been knocked in at no additional cost. You don’t have to get a friend to help you, or take it to a sports store and ask if they can do it. You can head straight to the nets and start hitting some balls, safe in the knowledge you have a sturdy bat to back you up.

The Village Cricket Bat is an all-rounder, perfect for having in the kit bag, or as the club bat for a local village cricket team. Though you might not see it used at the ashes, this is built to last and allows you play to your heart’s content. You won’t have to knock it in until it spends a prolonged period not being used, and there is no extra charge. We believe the bat should be ready to use when you get it.

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