Junior Cricket Bat Sale: Great Bats, Even Better Prices

Junior cricket bat sale

Cricket can be a really expensive hobby, and parents of young cricketers know this all too well, partially because of the fact that they are constantly outgrowing their equipment.

Cricket bats come in a variety of different sizes, and children may need a new bat every year or two as their bodies grow. A lot of people looking for a junior cricket bat sale are doing so in order to try and save some money on cricket gear. Sizes run from 1 to 6 before they go to Harrow (often used by teenage players) and then the adult sizes.

When Will You Find Bat Sales?

Cricket bat sales are often at the end of the season, which makes sense. A lot of cricket equipment manufacturers are constantly releasing new models, and this means that at the end of the season there is likely to be a sale of some description, which can provide some affordable options. The only real downside is that the designs aren’t brand new.

Bat sales may occur around the calendar so it is worth checking at other times. January sales are always a good bet for cricket bats as retailers look to get new stock in before the spring.

How to Find The Best Prices For Cricket Bats

So, what are some of the methods for finding some of the best cricket bat prices besides just looking for sales?

  • Check for cricket bat manufacturers’ “outlet” or “seconds” sections. These can be a great way to get your hands on a cheap bat on sale. These are often absolutely fine, and they may even be great bats, but they don’t necessarily have the highest grade wood due to knots or blemishes. Often the bats will play the same and you will get a discount.
  • Sign up to retailers and manufacturers’ mailing lists, they may send out unique customer-only offers or even discount codes when you sign up. 
  • Shop around. It’s like everything else in the world of sporting equipment. There are multiple retailers which means multiple price points. Shop around for the best price.

Should I Buy Budget Bats?

A lot of junior players will hassle their parents for the very best and even most expensive bats out there. We all remember what it was like to be a youngster and wanting the very best in everything (we weren’t footing the bill).

Budget bats can be a good option but always check before buying. Realistically, a bat that is not made out of quality Salix Alba wood is not going to do the job if you are playing with a real cricket ball. The old saying goes “buy cheap, buy twice” and this is definitely true with cricket bats that may snap or dent.

The Village Cricket Bat: A Permanent Good Price 

Junior Cricket Bat Sale: Great Bats, Even Better Prices 1

Buy our Junior Cricket Bat here

Our brand is all about making cricket more affordable whilst still retaining the quality required to play at a high level. We believe cricket should be more accessible to children, and with our permanently low prices you don’t need to go looking for a junior cricket bat sale.

Our junior bats are ready to play when they arrive, meaning you don’t need any knocking in, which can be a really time-consuming experience. It is ready for your kids to go out in the park or to the nets and have a game.

The bat was made by passionate village cricketers to try and make it more of a game for everyone to participate in. The bats are very affordable and that makes it much easier to justify the cost when sending your kids to play cricket at their local club.

Our bat is available in sizes 1-6 as well as Harrow, with the price varying depending on the size required.

How do we keep prices so low? As well as a manufacturing process that is done in an efficient way to keep costs low, and the use of Salix Alba from India (this is the same Willow tree as in England, just grown in a different environment) help keep costs low. On top of that, we don’t chase sponsorships and endorse professionals, and pass those savings on to our customers.

We’re very proud of our exceptional reviews, and we even offer a one-year warranty to protect customers if there is a manufacturing defect.

Summary – You Don’t Need to Spend a Fortune on Cricket Bats

If you want to support your child’s love of the game but you don’t want to spend a fortune then there are a number of different options, and junior cricket bat sales can be a good way to keep your costs lower. On top of that, an option like our fantastic junior bat means you always have a value-for-money option. 

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