Softball Cricket Set: For Garden & Beach – Only £25

soft ball cricket set

Even some of the very best cricketers came from humble beginnings, first knocking a ball around in their garden at home.

Cricket is extremely popular in many parts of the world and there are millions of kids who play, but perhaps not as many as there should be. With a softball cricket set, it is easier for children to get started and for adults to have some fun at home or on the beach, too.

One of the main problems with those who want to set up a quick game of cricket is that it requires a lot of equipment. If you’ve recently joined a team for the first time, or you have a child who has, you’ll know that you need to buy a lot of gear if you are going to play with a hard ball, including pads and a helmet. Seems a little overboard just to have a relaxed game of cricket with your friends.

What is a Softball Cricket Set?

A soft ball cricket set is a way to enjoy everything you need without having to shell out big bucks to get a lot of fancy equipment. With the Village Cricket Co. Plastic Cricket Set, everything is shipped to you in one handy carry bag, perfect for storing away and just getting out when you need it.

Okay, so it won’t be exactly like playing at The Ashes, but this is a wonderful way to put a quick game together, especially for kids. If you ever played “Kwik cricket” or variations of it, you’ll get some idea of how our soft ball cricket set can get you started.

Soft Ball or Hard Ball

Why do you need a soft ball for this kind of equipment?

Well, a soft ball has a few different benefits, not least of all being the fact that you don’t require any pads or helmet as it can’t cause you any serious injuries if you get hit. That means for casual practice or playing with some buddies a soft ball is ideal.

For kids, playing with this kind of set is a good way to get used to batting and bowling, the flight of a ball, and practice skills like catching before graduating onto other forms of the game. Often, youngsters will start with something like this, move onto a tennis ball and a cheap wooden cricket bat, and then eventually graduate to a proper willow bat and hard ball.

Benefits of Softball Cricket Sets

Softball cricket sets can be good for both children and adults. This means that anyone can play and get involved with a casual knockabout on a sunny afternoon.

  • You get everything you need in one package. No need to go to a sports store and work out all the equipment you are going to need to get a game up and running, you can simply buy one set and be ready to go.
  • Inexpensive. This is a really cheap way to get started and keep the kids amused for hours on end. The cricket set is only £25 here on Village Cricket Co. which is a huge saving on other methods of buying cricket equipment.
  • Portable. Fancy a game on the go? No problem, with a softball cricket set that is designed to be put in the back of a car or slung over the shoulder in its bag, you can make sure that you take it with you when you head to the park or to the beach. You don’t need a huge cricket holdall containing six big willow bats! 
  • Fun for the whole family. No need to be scared of a hard ball hitting you and leaving a massive bruise, with a soft ball the game is much more accessible for everyone to get involved.
  • Encourages exercise. It is a great way to get the kids off their consoles and start them exercising. 

Best Softball Cricket Set

Let’s dive into the best softball cricket sets for you, to keep the kids amused and get them exercising.

The Village Cricket Co. Softball Cricket Set

Softball Cricket Set: For Garden & Beach - Only £25 1

£25 – Buy at Village Cricket Co.

Our soft ball cricket set is very affordable, yet gives the durability you need as well as everything you need to play a proper game of cricket. There’s a plastic bat as well as stumps, a stump base (no annoying holes in the garden required) and a plastic ball, along with bails and a carry bag.

The cricket bat included is a size 5 plastic bat, so it is a good all-round option for people of many different ages to have a go. There’s also a single stump to mark out the full length of the wicket.

✔️ Cricket set with everything you need

✔️ Plastic bat, 3 stumps, 1 stump base, 2 bails and a plastic ball

✔️ Lightweight size 5 plastic bat

✔️ Lightweight cricket set with carry bag

✔️ Perfect for garden or beach cricket

Alternative: Kookaburra Blast Plus Cricket Set

Softball Cricket Set: For Garden & Beach - Only £25 2

RRP £59.99 – Buy at Kookaburra

A similar model on the market is the Kookaburra Blast Plus Cricket Set, which just has one additional bat in and another full set of stumps. These are nice extras but not required for setting up a basic game, and the set is much more expensive.

If you are looking to graduate to a tennis ball then you may wish to find some wooden bats, and there are also models out there that are not made of sturdy willow, but will cope with the hardness of a tennis ball.

A Softball Cricket Set, Fun For Kids and Adults Alike

With The Village Cricket Co. Softball Cricket Set you always have a way to set up an impromptu game with your buddies. Encourage the kids to spend time outside emulating their cricketing heroes without having to break the bank (or tend to any bruised knees).

The softball cricket set can be the perfect starting point for aspiring youngsters.

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