Senior Batting Pads: From Only £47

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Cricket is one of those amazing sports that you can start as a child, and keep playing until you are drawing your pension, and beyond. You need the protective equipment to help you reach the top of your potential.

Senior batting pads can refer to one of two things:

  • Adult pads. Senior cricket is another term for adult cricket, so anyone who is playing with adults rather than at child levels. You will graduate from junior cricket through to senior cricket.
  • “Seniors” cricket. This is a term for older people playing cricket. Senior leagues may be for those who are 60+, for instance.

Luckily, we recommend protective and high-quality pads regardless of your age. Whether you’re 20 or 60, the pads in our guide and available at the Village Cricket Co. will offer the kind of quality you need. 

The Village Cricket Co. Senior Cricket Pads – Affordable Option

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£47 – Buy on Village Cricket Co.

Our cricket pads are perfect for seniors of all ages. The whole goal of the Village Cricket Co. is to make cricket much more affordable. These pads have some of the very best features and the strongest protection you get, without it costing you the earth.

The pads have extra inner protection so if you get hit, you shouldn’t feel too much. To help with the fit, three different straps are in place to help a secure fit, with knee, calf, and ankle straps that can be adjusted.

Our pads have traditional “seven bar” designs and if you have played cricket before you will probably be familiar with this.

There’s a breathable mesh padding which will help you to avoid the build up of sweat and you will be able to avoid any nasty smells building up in your kit bag.

Being available in both right handed and left handed designs is one of the big plus points of these pads, and they are built in a size that is ideal for senior players whether you are playing your first game for the adult village team, or the last.

Gray-Nicolls Legend Cricket Batting Pads

Senior Batting Pads: From Only £47 1

RRP £175 – Buy on Cricket Direct

Gray-Nicolls is a huge brand in the world of cricket, and among the highest ranked cricketers in the world, too. If you put on a test match there is every chance you’ll see some Gray-Nicolls equipment being used.

The Legend cricket pads do offer a good level of protection and quality, but as is often the case with these sorts of brands, the price is high. Part of that is because of the professional sponsorships that the brand hands out to players (not doing this is one of the ways that the Village Cricket Co. keeps things affordable).

Gray-Nicolls Legend pads do have the advantage of offering senior batting pads in Small, Medium, Large, and Extra Large. You might be a smaller senior, a female player, or a particularly small or large build.

The pads use cane rods to give durability and also have high density foam within for protection. A HD foam wing also wraps around the leg somewhat, protecting from all angles. 

For most village cricketers and senior cricketers, the idea of spending this much on pads is scary. You might well find that your money is better spent on other equipment, especially when you consider the fact that you can buy quality pads from just £47 at the Village Cricket Co.

Older Senior Batting Pads

It’s possible that you’ve found this page because you consider yourself a cricketing “senior” and not just an adult player.

As you get older, the right protective equipment may be even more important. You may not be quite as robust as you once were and senior batting pads should give your legs the sort of protection you require.

Of course, there are a lot of things you need to think about when you are buying batting pads whatever age you are. If you’ve ever used some old, poor-quality, paper-thin pads and felt a hard cricket ball smack you on the legs, you’ll know why this is so important.

In this guide, we’re creating a simple buying guide for senior players, from 18 to 80. This will help you to make your decision and get the protection you need.

However, there are definitely some extra considerations if you are a little older. Injuries and soreness is the main consideration. Getting hit in the shins by a cricket ball is tough at any age, but senior players are more susceptible. According to Mayo Clinic: “As people get older, the skin becomes thinner and loses some of the protective fatty layer that helps cushion blood vessels from injury.”

Left or Right Handed Cricket Pads

This is something that a lot of people don’t consider, but they should! Ambidextrous pads are available, but not necessarily the best choice as they don’t give the highest level of protection.

One of the best ways to get pads that will properly protect your legs is to ensure they are fit for purpose, and this includes getting the correct size as well as the correct fit.

If you are a left handed batter or a right handed batter, you will have a different stance and a different leading leg. This is why it is crucial to have the extra protection given by right handed pads or left handed pads.

Final thoughts

It is essential that you have a good set of pads in your kitbag. Luckily, they don’t have to cost you the earth. All ages of senior players need pads to play, and it is a good idea to get some that suit your left or right handedness as well as being the right size for your frame. 

Getting cricket pads that are high quality but also great value used to be difficult, but with the Village Cricket Co. range, you can ensure your equipment choices don’t cost too much.

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