How to Buy a Cricket Bat Online: The Complete Guide

Is it even possible to buy a cricket bat online? Of course it is. Many people would rather hold the cricket bat before they buy it, and some even insist upon it.

If you’re a professional, knowing how to buy a cricket bat online can be a difficult task. Cricket bat shopping is more of an intense task when you are trying to find the perfect companion for your upcoming professional season, but for most of us, the beginner cricket bats for sale online will do a perfect job.

In this guide, we explore where to buy cricket bats online and all the things you need to know before you take the plunge.

Returns Policy

The biggest fear for a lot of people when they choose to purchase a cricket bat online is that they don’t want to get a dud. You may already know if you’re a veteran of the game that there are some models out there that won’t help your batting.

For cricket bat online shopping, the returns policy that is on offer is utterly essential to understand, and a company that won’t accept returns or offer any sort of warranty should send alarm bells ringing.

At the Village Cricket Co., we believe that you should be able to buy a bat online with no fear of it breaking and you being out of pocket. Not only are we confident that you will love your bat, and that it will stay in good nick for some time after you buy it, but we are also willing to back this up.

If the bat breaks within 180 days of you buying it, during a game or practice, we will send a replacement free of charge. Just drop us an email with information on how the bat broke and we will send out a brand new bat for you.

Plus, if you just decide it isn’t the bat for you, you can return it in a resellable condition within 30 days of arrival and we’ll give you a refund. You are responsible for the return postage fee.

Buying a bat without any way of returning it if it doesn’t work for you is taking your chances.

Pros and Cons of Shopping for Cricket Bats Online

Some people will always say that you should check your cricket bat before you buy it. This means holding it in your hand, knowing how it feels, and whether it is the right weight for you. 

However, a lot of people don’t evaluate the good side of buying online.

Pros include:

  • More choice. If you go to a sports shop looking for a cricket bat then you are limited to the bats they have in stock. Online you can buy directly from the brands, or from sports stores, and inevitably have a lot more choice as a result.
  • The best prices. You can often get the best prices online. If you buy directly from the brand, for instance if you buy the Village Cricket Bat, you can cut out the middleman. Buy from a store and you may get a more affordable bat due to the competition.

Cons include:

  • The fact that you can’t hold the bat in your hand and see how it feels before buying it.
  • The fact that you have to wait for delivery.

Choosing a Bat to Buy Online

If you are going to look into buying cricket bats online then you need to know what sort of things to look for in your bat. It makes sense to understand all the terminology and criteria for a good bat, and boost your chances of getting something that you love.

Bat Size

It is helpful to understand the sizing of cricket bats before you make your purchase. The standard adult sizes are both SH and LH, with the vast majority of people going for a SH bat. This means “short handle” and is suitable for most batters from 5’8” up to 6’3” in height. Taller than this, and you might want to go for the LH bat, which stands for “long handle”. 

Smaller than this and many people would go for a smaller bat. Harrow bats are usually reserved for teenagers and shorter adult batters.

If you are looking to buy children’s cricket bats online then you need to find something that is a suitable size. Check out our full guide to cricket bat sizes to get a full understanding of these sizes and what is suitable for each age group and height.

Bat Weights

When shopping online for a cricket bat, the weight is something you must also understand. You don’t want to buy a bat that feels paperweight when it arrives. Similarly, you want to know that it isn’t too heavy. A heavy bat might not feel difficult to hold for short periods, but if you’re one of those batsmen lucky enough to last at the crease longer than five or six deliveries then it might start to feel heavy in your hands.

– Lightweight: 2lb 7oz – 2lb 9oz

– Midweight: 2lb 10oz – 2lb 13oz

– Heavyweight: 2lb 14oz+

The Village Cricket Bat is just on the light side of middleweight, but with a great sweet spot it gives plenty of opportunity to make some big shots, as well as being able to access all of the hitting zones (if your technique allows). Buying a bat somewhere in the mid weight range is one of the safest ways to buy without visiting a cricket bat shop in person.

Bat Price

It is definitely possible to buy cheap cricket bats online, and there are some far more affordable options out there than you might find in person, but there can be issues with buying online if you go to the very cheapest cricket bats online. 

It’s easy to spend £400 on a bat, but this isn’t realistic for a lot of people. This is why we’ve set out to create the Village Cricket Bat, which offers an affordable bat that is still made out of quality willow. This means that it will stand up to the pressure of hitting (or edging) all those cherries. Our bat is available under £100 but it is made out of excellent Salix Alba Willow.

If you buy an adult bat for £30 or £40 brand new, it is likely that it will only be suitable for tennis ball cricket, and harder balls might cause it to break instantly. It’s not worth it.

Buying The Village Cricket Bat Online

If you’re looking to buy a cricket bat online, The Village Cricket Bat is one of the simplest options you can go for. It sits in the middle of the weight range, but also has a lot of other benefits. 

It’s cheaper than the majority of bats, but it is still made of sturdy and durable Kashmir Willow, which may last even longer than English Willow.

We’re very confident that you’ll love the bat, but we know that trying to find a bat online can be tough and people might assume that the bat is not built to last. We offer a 30 day moneyback guarantee if you don’t enjoy the bat, just return it in sellable condition. On top of that, there’s a 180 day warranty on the bat itself if there are any breakages.

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