Best Cricket Bags for 2023

Best Cricket Bags for 2023 1

It really is amazing how often cricket fanatics will buy the very best equipment and then decide they are going to keep it in a tatty old worn out bag that offers very little protection. In this guide, we’re exploring some of the best cricket bags for 2022.

You need a bag that gives you a great level of protection, but that is also easily portable. Ideally, you probably want some wheels so you’re not taking the weight of all that heavy equipment. Most of us village cricketers have enough risk of injury without adding back problems from carrying heavy bags.

Choosing Your Cricket Bag

Before providing you with some top options, it is worth exploring the decision-making process. What do you need to think about when you are buying your cricket bag?

  • Durability. These bags will get thrown around, left in changing rooms, and in the boot of your car. The chances are, you will want a cricket bag that has the capacity to handle this kind of treatment.
  • Wheels and straps. How are you going to carry the bag? If you are looking to take lots of equipment then slinging it over your shoulder might not be the best option, so a set of wheels, like the ones on your airport luggage, might be a good idea.
  • Room. Does it have room for your bats? You might have multiple bats in there, or even club bats that are shared by a lot of the team members or lower order batters. You’ve got to make sure there’s plenty of space.

With all this in mind, let’s explore some of your options.

Gunn & Moore Original Cricket Wheelie Duffle Bag

Best Cricket Bags for 2023 2

RRP £149 – Buy on Cricket Direct

This is one of the neatest bags we’ve found, with a well-thought-out design that is perfect if you like every bit of kit to have its own space.

It’s big enough for you to take up to two bats, and plenty of other kit as well, with a volume in total of 126 litres. On top of that, it has all terrain wheels so when the carrying on your back becomes too much, you can drag it along behind you.

The pouches and pockets seem to go on forever! There are lots of places for all of your pads and kit, in fact, one of the pouches is designed specifically for batting pads.

This is also a hard-wearing piece of kit. The zippers are all rustproof, and the moulded handle as well as anti-scuff corner protectors mean that this bag should last you a number of years and stand up to some of the summer punishment you might put it through.

Stretton Fox Bowden Wheelie Bag

Best Cricket Bags for 2023 3

RRP £200 – Buy on Cricket Direct

The Stretton Fox Bowden Wheelie Bag looks like something straight out of the 1920s! It’s one of the classiest looking bags we could imagine, but does it live up to its (admittedly large) price tag?

When it comes to protecting your bats and other equipment, you’ll struggle to find much better than the Stretton Fox Bowen model. The manufacturers seem to have thought of every eventuality.

It’s got a split level design so you can compartmentalise your equipment, as well as plush pockets for you to put your bat in. This gives an extra layer of protection and keeps your bat in good condition.

There’s also some really cool added extras like the removable spike bag, and the protection of a tarpaulin on any areas that face the surface so you don’t have to worry too much about the weather conditions and the equipment getting rained on.

The heavy duty buckles and wheels complete the package. While this might not have the look of a piece of sports kit in 2022, it certainly has the quality. You’ll look like the gentleman cricketer turning up on a Saturday with this containing your bats and pads.

Kookaburra Pro 3.5 Wheelie Bag

Best Cricket Bags for 2023 4

RRP £70 – Buy on Cricket Direct

You can usually rely on the Kookaburra brand to provide some decent cricket kit, and this is one of the more reasonably-priced bags. Not as big as some of the other options, you may not want to use this if you are the sort of cricketer who wants to carry 18 bats and 14 backup sets of gloves. However, for most club and village cricketers it offers good protection.

It is made out of 600 and 500D materials that give plenty of protection against the elements and shouldn’t tear easily, and has a decent capacity of 85 litres in total.

As well as fitting plenty inside the bag, it has external pockets which are great for putting items that you might need to pick up quickly or at short notice, rather than rummaging around the inside of the bag. There are also holders for drinks bottles on the outside.

This bag is new for 2022 and represents good value for money for a lot of amateur cricketers who want to protect that equipment they’ve spent their hard-earned cash on.

Gray-Nicolls Team 350 Wheelie Bag

Best Cricket Bags for 2023 5

RRP £50 – Buy on Cricket Direct

You may not usually associate Gray-Nicolls with the cheap option when it comes to cricket, but this is a very affordable cricket bag that does a perfectly good job, especially for the village cricketer.

It’s a mid-level bag with a fairly big storage area, and while it’s the smallest option on this list it still has room for your bat and the rest of your equipment. The extra long pull handle also makes it easy to take out and about with you.

The wheels are fairly high-quality, and this is a pretty basic but reliable bag. It has all you need without too many extra pockets or compartments. You can choose between the Red/Black and Silver/Black colour schemes. 

Gray-Nicolls Prestige Cricket Rucksack

Best Cricket Bags for 2023 6

RRP £30 – Buy on Cricket Direct

A bonus option for those of us who have already sorted a mode of transport for our bat (or are borrowing our friends knowing we’ll probably only make 3 runs).

This is a simple rucksack made with the cricketer in mind. 

It’s good for taking your clothes with you and even has a valuables section, and a laptop section in case you want to analyse some cricket techniques (or just watch Netflix).

It’s pretty lightweight and doesn’t give a huge level of protection, but the added pockets come in really handy for keeping all your gloves and extra cricket gear exactly where you need it. It’s an affordable option and is much more lightweight and easy to carry than the other options on this list.


Ready to take the plunge and buy your cricket bag ready for the new season? Everyone has slightly different needs from their bat, so make sure you’ve thought about how much equipment you want to carry with you, and whether you just have to cater for your own gear or whether half of the team will want to add their kit to your bag.

Either way, there are some great options on this list from top cricket bags. Keep your kit protected for seasons to come.

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