Long Handle vs Short Handle Cricket Bat – What’s The Difference and Which Do I Need?

Long Handle vs Short Handle Cricket Bat – What’s The Difference and Which Do I Need? 1

Buying a cricket bat isn’t always straightforward, and it can get a little bit confusing if you are not sure what kind of bat you actually need. Comparing a long handle vs short handle cricket bat is essential when you are getting started. 

This is the kind of decision you want to make sure you get right first time. You do not want to buy a bat, take it out for your first innings and realise it just doesn’t feel right. So, understanding bat sizes and who they are aimed at will help you to make the right choice.

The Difference Between Long Handle vs Short Handle Bats

Cricket bat sizes are crucial to understand. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and Harrow are the main junior sizes, but when it comes to adult sizes there are just two main sizes, SH and LH. Some smaller adults may still use Harrow bats, but these are usually best if you are under 5 ft 8”. 

A long handle and short handle bat have the same playing surface of the bat. This is why they are just called “long handle” or “short handle” as it is only the handle that is different. The idea is that if you are taller, you may need the leverage of a longer bat to be able to play those big drives, or clamp down on the defensive shots to avoid the ball sneaking through the gate.

How to Tell Which You Need

A Short Handle bat from the Village Cricket Co has dimensions of  33.5in x 4.25in and is generally recommended for batters between 5 ft 8” and 6 ft 3”. Long Handle designs (34.375in x 4.25in) are built with the intention of being used by batters who are 6 ft 3 ” or taller.

This is one of the key ways to work out roughly the right type of bat for you, but it isn’t a guarantee you’re going to get it right. Plus, if you are at around the 6 ft 3” mark, you may have a choice to make on whether you want the leverage of the longer handle, or the control of the shorter handle.

There is a case of personal preference here. Largely, it is all about stance and what you feel comfortable with. Can you play the shots you want to with a SH bat? It doesn’t matter if you are 6 ft 5”, if you prefer using the SH and play better with it, then why not? These are not regulated sizes, just suggestions.

Are SH and LH Actually Different Bats?

Usually, the blade of the bat, and the actual willow it is made out of, will be virtually the same. The only significant difference is the length of the handle. 

When you buy a cricket bat, in some situations you may be able to make certain choices about the dimensions and the weight of the bat. If you specifically want a heavy bat, for instance, some manufacturers will let you request this. SH and LH are standard sizes and the majority of decent cricket bats come in either size. 

Our Cricket Bat in SH and LH Sizes

Long Handle vs Short Handle Cricket Bat – What’s The Difference and Which Do I Need? 2

With the Village Cricket Bat, you can choose the size you want, whether you’re looking for a shorter handle or you’re a taller player looking for that extra bit of height. 

Our bat comes knocked in and ready to play, and our simple design is made without chasing sponsors or spending money on over-the-top designs, which means we can pass the savings on to you.

With a great sweet spot and pickup, the bat is perfect for playing your shots whether you are an expansive player or a defensive star. The low middle is perfect for British village pitches and can even help you to make more shots.

When buying your bat, simply choose between LH and SH designs based on your height and preference, and the ideal bat will be shipped to you in a carry case, ready to use. 


Bat choice is quite a personal thing for a lot of cricketers, and finding a reliable bat can make all the difference. One of the very first things to work out is whether you need a short handle or long handle, and how these can help you to play your game, make your shots, and get a big score on a Saturday (hopefully). 

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