Best Right Handed Cricket Gloves for 2023

right handed cricket gloves

Did you know that 85 to 90 percent of people are right-handed? In cricket, though, for some reason there is a much more even split, and batting and bowling can even be different for players. Some will bowl left-handed and bat right-handed, or vice versa. 

Finding the best right handed cricket gloves is essential for anyone who bats right handed. You’ve probably found yourself frustrated enough at the fact that you have to shell out money on pads and a bat, but the good news is that you can find quality gloves that don’t cost a fortune, including right handed gloves. 

Do I Need Right Handed Gloves?

It almost sounds like a joke, doesn’t it? You buy gloves in a pair so how can they be right handed or left handed? Well, when somebody at your local village cricket club tells you to buy some right handed gloves don’t assume they’re making a joke like asking you to buy striped paint. 

In cricket, your leading bottom hand needs more protection. You’ll see when you’re looking at the gloves that the thumb area particularly has extra padding and protection.

Cricket injuries are common which is one of the reasons why we need so many different forms of protective equipment. Hand injuries are definitely common, and having the correct, right handed gloves can help you to avoid breaking your fingers or thumb if you get hit by a ball, for instance.

Either way, it is fair to say that cricket gloves are a crucial piece of equipment.

Choosing The Best Right Handed Gloves For Cricket

Most of the best gloves on the market are available as both left handed and right handed models, and even if they aren’t, more players are right-handed, so it makes sense that there is always an option for right handed players.

This means you’ve got a choice to make. The top things you need to think about include:

  • Protection. We can’t stress enough the fact that these products are all about protection, you need to know that when you get hit, it might hurt, but you are still protected.
  • Flexibility. You don’t want it to feel like your hands have been taped up, either. Flexibility lets you play all of your shots.
  • Sweat protection. Sweaty hands are inevitable on those hot days in the middle, but a lot of gloves have some form of design that mitigates this.
  • Size. Adult sizes are fine for most players but it is possible that you might want a smaller or even particularly large size based on your build and your hands.
  • Price. It’s best to spend less money getting the level of protection you need if possible, right?

The Village Cricket Co. Batting Gloves – Best Value Right Handed Gloves

Best Right Handed Cricket Gloves for 2023 1

£39.00 – Buy on Village Cricket Co.

Our batting gloves provide you with the perfect balance between protection and flexibility. The Village Cricket Co. is on a proud mission to make it much more affordable for people to get into cricket.

These gloves are available in both right handed and left handed models, and they have a huge level of protection for your hands but are still comfy and flexible at the same time, great for playing all of your shots.

A custom air system has been designed for long sessions of batting to stop the sweat and smell from becoming too much of an issue. Like a lot of the other Village Cricket Co. gear, they also come with a 12 month warranty. 

We believe that you shouldn’t have to spend too much money to get the gear you need to play for your local cricket club. 

Gray-Nicolls Legend Cricket Batting Gloves – Best Size Options

Best Right Handed Cricket Gloves for 2023 2

RRP £130 – Buy on Cricket Direct

The Gray-Nicolls brand produces some of the very best equipment on the market, but it does come with a price premium. If you aren’t too worried about spending this kind of money then the Gray-Nicolls legend gloves offer some brilliant size options.

The multi-sectioned interlocking V design adds flexibility and comfort when you are holding your bat, and the tri-zone impact bar is great for absorbing the impact even if you do get hit by a quick bowler’s best ball. 

The leather palms are good for preserving your grip and these gloves are definitely built to last if you look after them, with quad layer protection being a real bonus when it comes to protecting your thumb and the rest of your hand.

For those who don’t think that a standard men’s size is going to be suitable, they can order these in small, medium, or large sizes, as well as both right handed and left handed designs.

Adidas Incurza 1.0 Acid Yellow Cricket Batting Gloves

Best Right Handed Cricket Gloves for 2023 3

RRP £90 – Buy on Cricket Direct

The Incurza gloves are a mid-range option when it comes to price, and they have excellent ventilation, providing a lot of flexibility along with a decent level of protection.

There is a TPU shell in the fingers and leading sections which gives the optimum protection when you are batting, and there is plenty of high density foam padding to help absorb the shock or impact.

The V Shield finger section makes it comfortable when you are holding the bat and gives an extra level of flexibility, along with a sheep leather palm, perforated to make it more breathable, which can stop smells from building up.

The gloves are available in three different sizes as well as being offered in right handed and left handed designs. These are a very good midrange option, but may not quite be worth the step up in cost from a model like the Village Cricket Co. gloves.


At the Village Cricket Co. we set out to make cricket equipment more affordable for everyone, and our batting gloves are one example of making excellent protective gear that does a great job without breaking the bank. 

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