Discount Cricket Bats: Get The Best Bat For The Best Price

Discount Cricket Bats: Get The Best Bat For The Best Price 1

It is no secret that cricket is an expensive game to play, especially if you are paying top dollar for all of the equipment that you are going to use. Any discounts for cricket players are likely to be very welcome and that includes discount cricket bats. 

Anyone can go and buy a bat from a well-known chain of sports stores for £20-30 but the chances are that the quality is going to be pretty appalling. These are the kinds of bats that will crack in half the second they come into contact with a hard ball, and may even take damage from a tennis ball. 

So, how do you find a discount cricket bat that still offers the sort of quality you need? 

Why Cricket Bats Are Costly

Cricket bats cost a lot due to the fact that they are not easy to make, and they need to be produced out of strong, high-quality materials. These are the basic reasons behind the cost of a cricket bat, but there is more to it than that.

A lot of people prefer to use English Willow which is known for its quality and durability. However, at the Village Cricket Co we use a hardy wood from the same family. Kashmir Willow is grown from the exact same species of tree but just produced in India, where many bats are also produced. This helps to save some of the costs when it comes to manufacturing. 

Some cricket brands also have to pay for costly endorsements and advertising. There’s a huge level of competition among the biggest brands as they all try to sponsor the best pros and drive their sales. By avoiding chasing sponsorships we can provide an affordable option for village cricketers.

How to Buy Discount Cricket Bats

So, if you want to buy a cricket bat but don’t want to spend a fortune, what are your options? The old saying “buy cheap, buy twice” definitely applies here, so there are some minimum considerations when it comes to buying cricket bats. You should never go to the bargain basement end of the market if you are going to be using the bat to play at any decent standard or using a hard ball.

So how can you save some money and get a decent cricket bat?

Don’t Buy in Peak Season

Cricket is a seasonal game. It has to be in the UK, as it is not like we would be out on a cricket pitch in the middle of a cold December. The season runs from April to September (more or less) and this means that there are some clear peak times for cricket bat sales. At these times, manufacturers and retailers are unlikely to drop the prices. 

Cricket bats are most expensive just before the season gets underway as this is when most people are looking to upgrade, or may have just found a new team for the season. 

If you have a little forethought, you might be able to take advantage of sales, such as those that occur at the end of the season, or in the months of January and February when nobody is thinking about playing cricket.

Take Advantage of Promotions

If you can access a promotion or discount then make sure you do. Some brands will give you money off if you sign up for their mailing list. Some offer student discount, others just have regular sales. 

Any promotion that can save you a bit of money is well worth considering. Follow some retailers and brands’ social media and sign up to their newsletters, as you never know when you might get a promotional email sent through to you with a discount code.

Buy Last Year’s Stock

Some cricket manufacturers bring out new bats and new equipment virtually every year, and it is fair to say this is going to be more expensive than the previous models. A bit like having the latest version of an iPhone. If you go back to the model a year or two ago, you might save some money.

Don’t Obsess Over The Brands The Pros Use

Remember that brands like Kookaburra, Gunn and Moore, Gray Nicolls etc. are all heavily involved in marketing activities and sponsorships. It is nice to be able to use the same sort of bat that Ben Stokes or Joe Root uses, but this comes with a cost premium. These brands can increase the price based on the fact that they have the brand (and ambassadors) to back it up. 

The Village Cricket Bat – A Permanently Good Deal

discount cricket bats

The Village Cricket Bat was born out of the fact that so much cricket equipment is out of reach for some peoples’ budgets. 

The idea of spending £500 to get the latest bat that the pros are using is over the top to many of us, and it isn’t necessarily required if you are playing at the village level. There is a solution that costs a fraction of the price, leaving you with money to spend in the bar after the match.

The Village Cricket Bat is an excellent option, with the prices kept low by not chasing sponsorships, and by using excellent Salix Alba willow sourced from India. Durable enough to keep you scoring runs season after season.

Benefits of the Village Cricket Bat include:

Standard weight – the bat comes in one weight. It’s designed to be 2lb 9oz with just a tiny bit of variation either side of this, which means it is perfect for any type of cricketer, whether you love to slog or you are more of a defensive player.

Pre-knocked in – it is ready to go as soon as it arrives at your front door. These bats have been knocked in already meaning that they are in ideal playing condition.

Suitable for English conditions – the bat has a low middle, which can help anyone tackle the English conditions which may see the ball keep low more often.

Durable – this bat is made out of an exceptional, long-lasting wood that can be your accomplice season after season. English willow is not the only option for those who want to play cricket at a good level, and the Salix Alba grown out in India is still incredibly durable and plays wonderfully on English pitches.

We keep our prices low by not chasing sponsorships and endorsements, and ensuring that savings are passed onto our loyal customers. 

Our goal to make cricket affordable for everyone is further aided by our range of other products including gloves and pads, which are perfect for village cricketers who undoubtedly don’t have the budget of the pros. 

Just because you aren’t spending a fortune on your cricket gear, it doesn’t mean that you can’t be protected, and it certainly doesn’t mean you can’t have a great bat to use season after season. That’s exactly what the Village Cricket Bat offers, all for a price tag of under £100.

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