Best Cricket Bat Sales for 2023

Everyone loves a bargain. Picking up a cricket bat for an affordable price can be difficult, but if you are willing to shop around, find the best brands, or even look in cricket bat sales then you might just find a gem.

Your cricket equipment is a big investment, so you need to get your purchase right. Let’s delve into the best cricket bat sales for 2022 and how to find deals on your bat. 

Where to Find Cricket Bats on Sale

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You’ll often have to put some more effort into finding cricket bats if you want the very best prices. Where can you find cricket bats that are on sale with significant savings on offer?

  • Google is your friend. As well as searching for seasonal sales on cricket equipment, you can search for a specific bat if you are in the market for one brand in particular. This means you can compare the prices.
  • Sign up for cricket equipment store mailing lists. This means that you’ll be alerted when there is a cricket bat sale and you may even be sent special offers from time to time.
  • Be prepared to shop in person. There are some stores that you can visit in person to look for cricket equipment, and at certain times of the year you may find cheaper bats.

The Best Time to Buy

While value is on offer all year round if you buy the Village Cricket Bat, there are seasonal sales on some other equipment.

The best time to buy is in the off-season. There may only be a short time when there is a dip in demand, but this is likely to occur in the off-season. For instance, in January, when peoples’ bank balances tend to be lower, along with the demand for playing cricket, you might find that there are some bat deals available.

Cricket is relatively seasonal, but indoor nets mean that people do practice all year round. It is worth looking for seasonal sales, but don’t pin all your hopes on this.

Other Tips For Finding the Best Deals

What are some other tips for finding cricket bat sales and deals that are hard to resist?

  • Be flexible about brands and models. If you are dead set on one specific type of bat then the chances of you finding it on sale could be pretty slim. Be flexible about which bat you might be willing to use and you could find a bargain.
  • Look for brands with reasonable prices all the time. The Village Cricket Bat is always available at a low price when compared to the competition, while still offering plenty of quality and companionship at the crease.
  • Don’t be afraid to buy “last year’s” models. Cricket bat manufacturers are often releasing new bats with different names and upgrades to try and sell more, so it could be the “old” bats that are on sale as they try to sell through the stock.
  • Always check reviews. Even if you find a cheap cricket bat or a bat that is on sale, is it really a good deal if the bat is poor-quality? Don’t make an impulsive purchase based on what seems to be a good price, check that others are using the bat and finding it to be quality before parting with your money.

A Second-Hand Warning

Some guides to finding cricket bat sales and deals at the lowest possible price will tell you to buy second-hand. Undeniably, there are some great bats out there that can last decades, and the bat you buy might have been immaculately looked after. However, it is impossible to know exactly how a second-hand bat has been looked after. 

Buying a bat that has previously been used is a risk, and doesn’t give you any protection. If the bat should break on your first use, you don’t have any warranty or protection like you would have if you were to buy from manufacturers such as the Village Cricket Co.

The Village Cricket Bat – Permanent Value

Best Cricket Bat Sales for 2023 2

If you don’t want to spend ages trawling through sales or trying to find a bat going cheaply, then you could opt for a bat that always gives you value, the Village Cricket Bat.

As well as being available for under £100, the bat has an incredible list of features that you should consider when choosing your bat.

Standard weight – this bat is 2lb 9oz, perfect for any type of cricketer, it can help you to slog the big sixes or defend for your life.

Pre-knocked in – the bat comes already knocked in, so there is no need to spend hours doing this (you may not even know how) or paying someone to do it for you. The video below shows what a task this can be.

Perfect for English conditions – the bat has been made for playing in England, with a low middle, which suits the bounce of English pitches.

Built to last season after season – most bats are designed to eventually break so that you have to replace them. English Willow is great for cricket bats but may not last that long. Instead, we use Kashmir Salix Alba willow. This is a long-lasting wood that can keep you going season after season. 

How is The Village Cricket Bat So Affordable?

Best Cricket Bat Sales for 2023 3

The price of the cricket bat on offer here is down to clever design and some choices made by the Village Cricket Co. 

We don’t chase professionals and offer sponsorships, and this means we can make a big saving to pass on to people looking to buy a bat. It helps to keep the bottom line down, and therefore the price.

The bat uses strong willow, but willow that is sourced in India, and that reduces how much importing and exporting is required. A lot of English Willow is actually shipped to India to be turned into the bats on the market. This is a strong bat as well as an affordable bat, and it can be your companion at the crease for many years to come as long as you look after it.

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