Best Right Handed Cricket Pads for 2023

Best Right Handed Cricket Pads for 2023 1

Cricket pads are nothing short of crucial. Anyone who has felt the full force of a cricket ball on the shins will tell you this. It may hurt, even with pads in place, so you can imagine the pain if you don’t have the right pads.

Getting specific, right handed cricket pads is a way to tailor your protection to your body and stance while you are batting.

If you are new to cricket then it can get very confusing, and you might think that batting pads are batting pads, but there is a difference when it comes to right-handed cricket pads.

Can Cricket Pads Be Ambidextrous?

Cricket pads are sometimes sold as ambidextrous pads. This means that both of the pads are designed in exactly the same way. Normally, these will be the cheaper, and lower-quality cricket pads.

They can be useful, and sometimes it is a good idea to have them in the bag at a cricket club in case anyone forgets their pads. However, if you are looking for your own pads to give you protection throughout the season, tailoring it to either right-handed or left-handed stances makes a lot more sense.

What is the Difference Between Right and Left-Handed Cricket Pads?

Before you work out whether to buy a right-handed or left-handed set of pads, or go for an ambidextrous model, it is crucial that you actually know how the right pads can give you extra protection.

There is a “lead” cricket pad which is on the “leading” leg. For a right-handed player this will be the left pad, which needs to give the extra level of protection. This has more cushioning, and often a design that covers more of the ankle. As you put your leading leg forward, if it gets hit, there should be more between the ball and leg.

When you buy your pads (or put them on for the first time) you might notice that there is an “L” and “R” sign on the back to tell you which leg they should be on.

The Village Cricket Co. Right Handed Cricket Pads – Affordable Option

Best Left Handed Cricket Pads for 2023 2

£47 – Buy on Village Cricket Co.

Our cricket pads are available in both left and right-handed designs. The whole goal of the Village Cricket Co. is to make cricket much more affordable. One of the ways we are doing this is providing right handed cricket pads (or left handed) for a price that you would usually associate with ambidextrous pads. 

We’re proud of the quality that these pads can offer. The pads give an excellent level of protection to your leading leg. The inner protection means that even if you do get your pads hit regularly (as some of us village players do) it won’t cause pain.

They’re secure and they stay perfectly in place too, thanks to three straps, including knee, calf, and ankle straps. You don’t have to worry about them coming loose while you are playing.

Our pads have traditional “seven bar” designs and if you have played cricket before you will probably be familiar with this. It means that they are split into seven different sections, with three central “rolls” and two on either side.

There’s a breathable mesh padding to stop sweat building up, and the extremely solid and reliable design is very professional.

This is not just a right-handed cricket pad design. It is actually available in either right or left-handed models which means that you can choose the ideal model for your needs.

Gray-Nicolls Legend Cricket Batting Pads

Best Right Handed Cricket Pads for 2023 2

RRP £175 – Buy on Cricket Direct

Most people who have bought cricket equipment will have come across this brand. Gray-Nicolls is one of the biggest names out there for cricket equipment and they’ve built their reputation on many decades of manufacturing strong and sturdy equipment including amazing pads. The Legend cricket pads have excellent quality to offer, but it does come at a price.

As well as being available in left-handed and right-handed designs, the Gray-Nicolls Legend cricket pads are available in four different sizes: Small, Medium, Large, and Extra Large. No matter what size you are, there’s a model for you. Teenage players with some growing to do, players of men’s and women’s cricket, and even the tallest of players can get comfortable pads that fit.

The Gray-Nicolls pads have some very clever technology, which you would expect from some of the most pricey pads on the market. Their HD foam is bolstered by cane rods which give extra durability but don’t add too much bulk and weight.

The knee zone is particularly comfy and well-made with poly-armour, and the instep has “vapour fome” inside which helps to give you protection around the bottom of the legs. A HD foam wing also means these wrap around the legs somewhat and provide that extra protection, especially on the leading pad.

In terms of choosing the exact shape and size, these pads are a very good option, but the professional functionality comes with a huge price tag.

Summary – The Best Right-Handed Cricket Pads

This isn’t a decision to take lightly. The right pads can look after your legs for years to come. You need to consider comfort as well as your batting stance. Having the right pads can even help you to play with more confidence, and it means your only worry when the ball hits your shins is whether the umpire’s finger is going to go up.

The Village Cricket Co. batting pads are a good option for not spending too much money, but still getting a good level of protection out on the pitch. There’s a lot of choice out there on the market, but our mission to make cricket more affordable means amazing quality is available on a budget, too.

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