Garden Cricket Bat

Original price was: £25.00.Current price is: £15.00.

Please note: these bats are for soft-ball use only and not designed to be used with a hard cricket ball.

At Village Cricket Co. our mission is to make cricket more accessible and bring enjoyment to more kids to get them to take up the sport and love it like we did when we were younger.

We opt out of fancy branding, sponsoring players, or creating multiple versions of the same bat to keep our costs down, so we can pass them on to you.

Our junior cricket bats have been designed to help kids get their own bat and start hitting boundaries in no time.

Created by village cricketers to get more people playing the sport, as well as saving you money.

Size Guide

When selecting a cricket bat, it’s crucial that you pick one that is the correct size for the player. If it’s too small or too big, batting will be uncomfortable and performance will be compromised.

Bat size is based on the height of the player. Take a look at our handy Size Guide to see which bat size you should choose.

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