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Who We Are

We don’t like cricket, we love it!

We’re Freddie & George, founders of Village Cricket Co. Village cricketers for a combined 20+ years.

We started Village Cricket Co. to make cricket more accessible than ever and to give back to the community that we have loved for so many years.

Upon investigation of cricket bats, the types of willow and the manufacturing process we learned there was an opportunity to make a new bat suitable for village cricketers without the common high price tag, and so Village Cricket Co. was born.

A little bit more about​


It wouldn’t be village cricket without some stats and funny stories, here’s some from our team…

Our Story 1

Freddie Chatt


Freddie has been playing cricket since the age of 11. He’s never been much of a bowler but became a wicketkeeper by default after filling in one day and diving all over the place. Fairly quick between the wickets (often to the dismay of his teammates).

Best Batting: 179 (only dropped 8 times)

Best Bowling: Thinks he got a wicket once

Other Cricketing Facts

  • Can play a cover drive no matter where the ball has pitched
  • Has hit a four between his legs (TWICE – in one game)
  • Has had the most ducks out of anyone at GBCC in the last 12 years
Our Story 2

George Simmons

Fast Bowler

George has played cricket since he was 7 (helping out his brother’s U11 team). A classic pace bowler who loves the occasional (or regular) short one to spice things up. Can bat almost anywhere depending on the situation. Mainly turns up for the banter & post-game beer.

Best Batting: 94

Best Bowling: 6-43

Other Cricketing Facts

  • Reached 288 club wickets by the age of 20
  • Played a season in Australia as an overseas cricketer for Jindivick CC
  • Sky Sports Young Coach of the Year award winner

Giving Back

We both owe a lot to cricket and our cricket club (Great Baddow CC), from lifelong friendships to the best of memories, we wouldn’t change a thing.

Because of this, we felt it only right with Village Cricket Co, to take the opportunity to start giving back.

So for every bat sale, we will be giving 5% of sales split between our local cricket club, Great Baddow CC as well as the Lord Taverners, to give young people a sporting chance.

For more information, please visit our giving back page.


Stop paying over the odds for your bat & enjoy a beer or two on us with the money you save.


Don’t be THAT GUY banging your bat for hours as our bat is pre-knocked in for you.


We know you might be dubious at the price, we would be too, so we offer a one year warranty in case the worst happens.


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