Mens Cricket Pads: From Only £47

Mens Cricket Pads: From Only £47 1

If you’ve ever worn pads that don’t offer you enough protection and felt the force of a cricket ball hitting your shins, you will know that it is worth investing in the right pads. However, you don’t have to spend a fortune to get some quality cricket pads, and there are options out there from just £47 as we explore in this guide.

There are a lot of different criteria to consider when buying cricket pads. Not only do you want protection, you also want to ensure it doesn’t feel like you are dragging around two wet sandbags on your legs. They should be flexible as well, as much as they can be at least.

When you’re looking for the best men’s cricket pads you also need to think about whether they are going to be the correct size for you.

Considerations When Buying Mens Cricket Pads

Before we dive into some of the top options for men’s batting pads, here are some of the things you should consider before you make your purchase:

  • Size. Of course, you want something that is a suitable men’s size, but there are also some additional considerations based on your build. If you are over 6’3” then you may want to opt for something that is a large men’s size, but many cricket pads are made so that they can offer good protection for all builds.
  • Comfort and flexibility. How do they feel? Can you wear them for long spells out in the middle without them getting annoying or do they restrict you and the shots you want to play?
  • Left or right handed. Though you can get cricket pads that do not have left or right handed designs, it is a good idea to buy a model that is specific to you, and give that extra protection to the leading leg.
  • Durability. You don’t want pads that are going to fall apart after a few games or even after one season.
  • Price. Unfortunately this is always something we have to consider. Luckily, with the Village Cricket Co. options you can enjoy cheaper cricket pads that also give you plenty of protection and flexibility.

Village Cricket Co. Pads – Best Affordable Mens Cricket Pads

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£47 – Buy on Village Cricket Co.

The Village cricket co pads are the perfect size for adult men, with the flexibility to allow you to play your shots and a price tag that means you don’t have to worry about adding these to your cricket gear.

They are available in both left and right handed models with a traditional seven bar cricket batting pad design. 

These pads also stay nice and secure while you are playing thanks to a sturdy 1” knee strap combined with two more straps to keep everything perfectly in place even while you run between the wickets. 

As well as a sturdy outer design, there is inner protection and extra padding that means it won’t cause you pain if you get hit by the ball. The meshed material also helps in preventing a sweat build-up, which means no smelly bag when you’ve taken your equipment home, either.

All-in-all, being able to find cricket pads for men that are so affordable as well as being so reliable and high quality is a huge bonus. We strive hard to make that kind of quality accessible to even the average village cricketer.

Gray-Nicolls Legend Cricket Batting Pads – Best Size Options

Mens Cricket Pads: From Only £47 2

RRP £175 – Buy from Cricket Direct

Most Gray-Nicolls equipment is pretty high in quality, and makes a good option for those who are looking to get professional equipment, but the financial side of things could prevent a lot of village cricketers from taking the plunge and buying something like this. £175 is a lot of money.

One of the reasons these make our list of the best cricket pads men can buy is that they offer many different sizes, including S, M, L, and XL, so you can buy the ideal option for you depending on your shape and size. There are also left and right-handed options.

The strength of these come from the cane rods that are fitted inside, which bolster the design and stand up to some punishment. The gel-zone knee is another great design feature which protects at the upper part of the pad. Foam instep and a clever wing design means that you have protection for every part of your body.

The main downside is the price tag. For a lot of cricketers who aren’t professional it isn’t logical or practical to spend this kind of money. 

Adidas Incurza 1.0 Cricket Batting Pads 

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RRP £120 – Buy on Cricket Direct

Incurza pads are part of a quality range from Adidas which are worn by some professionals. 

These pads are made to be lightweight but they have high density foam to give a decent level of protection even when you get hit with a bowler’s fastest delivery. There’s a TPU board to keep the shape and protect even further.

They have small men’s sizes as well as large mens so you can choose the ideal option for you. There are also left and right handed models.

Once again, these are pretty expensive if you aren’t playing cricket at a particularly high level, and it might be a better option to protect yourself with more affordable pads that still do a very good job.

Summary – Finding Mens Cricket Pads

As you can see, the price of cricket pads can vary wildly. You need to protect yourself, though, and our brand is dedicated to making amazing pads that don’t cost the earth. 

With the Village Cricket Co. men’s pads you can rest assured that you will have a good level of flexibility and be able to play all of your shots, while avoiding some nasty bruises (or worse) when you wake up the next morning. Plus, they’re the ideal size for the vast majority of adults to wear.

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