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Best Low Middle Cricket Bat for 2023

Buying a cricket bat can get confusing if you don’t understand all of the terminology.

We’re here to help. In this guide, we’re exploring what a “low-middle” means for a cricket bat, how it can impact your playing, and what the best low middle cricket bats on the market can do for you.

The Village Cricket Bat – Low Middle Bat For Village Cricketers

We’re going to share a couple of options of bats with a low middle in this guide, but we know that the majority of people searching aren’t looking for a bat that costs them a fortune.

Luckily, you can get a bat that has a low profile without spending the earth, and our solid bat is made to help you hit boundaries and provide an accomplice for years to come.

An Affordable Bat

Our bat is one of the most affordable options on the market that still manages to do a professional job season after season. To find a high-grade bat for under £100 is rare. 

The Village Cricket Bat is perfect for the beginner or the village club legend who has been there for 30 seasons, it’s also ideal for putting in the kit bag as a “club bat” when someone inevitably forgets theirs.

A lot of low-middle bats will cost you over £400 if you opt for English Willow and other brands and manufacturers. 

By steering clear of endorsing any cricketers and passing on the savings to customers, The Village Cricket Co. can keep prices lower than the competition.

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Solid Willow Construction

One of the reasons why this cricket bat is so much more affordable is the fact that it is made out of Kashmir Willow. This is the exact same Salix Alba willow that is grown in England, but this has been grown in India. 

This type of wood has a slightly different character to the English, just because of the way it has been grown. Indian conditions tend to make a denser and darker wood, but it is just as solid as English wood, if not moreso. This means it can give the ball a real tap.

Alternative – GM L555 GMX Original Cricket Bat

An English Willow alternative is the GM L555 cricket bat, which has a slightly low middle, and is designed for pickup.

With an RRP that isn’t far off £500, you can see how this bat could be out of reach for the standard village cricketer. It’s definitely an option for those who are making their living out of cricket.

This bat is made out of Grade One English Willow, so only the finest materials. It’s available in two different weights to suit what you prefer, either 2lb 9oz or 2lb 10oz. So, it’s virtually identical in weight to the Village Cricket Bat.

It features a “mid-low middle” as the manufacturers describe it, and large, pronounced edges. It has both a toe guard and anti-scuff sheet already fitted, and undeniably this is a great bat for hitting some serious distance.

The GM brand is well-established and used by a number of professionals, so it is certainly not cheap to buy from their range. If you’ve got the money to spend and want something that can suit a front foot player in England then this could certainly be an option for you. 

On the other hand, if you don’t have a spare £400 or so knocking around to buy a bat for your Saturday morning knockabout with your mates, you can get a bat with a low-middle for less, that will last you for many seasons to come if you take good care of it.

What Does “Low Middle” Mean?

A cricket bat (or at least, a well-made cricket bat) will have a sweet spot. This means the area of the bat where it feels strongest. If you hit the ball off the sweet spot then it will absolutely fly. The sweet spot is situated within the middle of the bat.

So when we talk about a “low middle” or you hear a cricket bat manufacturer describe their product this way, they mean that the sweet spot is lower than it is on the majority of bats. The strongest contact with the ball is made lower down on the bat.

Why Does it Matter?

The middle of your bat has an impact. Finding a low middle cricket bat may suit the conditions in which you’re playing, as well as the style of play you have as a cricketer, whether you’re a top-order blocker or a middle-order slogger.

Cricketers will find that they have their own preference, but this is largely informed by the type of pitch on which you’re playing your cricket at the weekends.

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What’s Best For English Pitches?

Yes, you’ve guessed it…low middle cricket bats are best for English pitches in almost all scenarios, especially when playing at village level.

The English conditions tend to mean a “low and slow” bounce. Whereas if you were playing in Australia the ball might zip up off the surface and even feel like it gains pace, this doesn’t tend to happen on an English pitch. Especially one that doesn’t have a full-time groundsman.

So, the low-middle design of the bat, such as The Village Cricket Bat, is very deliberate. It means that you can get more pickup, and as a front-foot player you can absolutely clobber the ball if you get hold of it. A higher middle would usually mean that you make worse contact with the ball.

What Players Can Benefit From Low Middle Bats?

In English conditions, low middle cricket bats can benefit most players, but particularly those who like to play on the front foot and hit their shots. More of a Jos Buttler than an Alastair Cook? A low middle could help you.

Low Middle – Perfect for big-hitters and those looking to muster that extra bit of power in their game. 

Mid Profile – A middle-ground with no real preference based on style of play, but may be a little high for a low and slow English bounce.

High Middle – Rare to see, though they may suit a defensive player. In English conditions, we don’t recommend using one.

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What is Most Popular?

Around the world, the most popular type of bat is that with a mid profile. A “middle middle” if that isn’t too confusing a way to put it!

However, as we’ve explained already, many bat manufacturers are turning to low-middle bats as they realise how much better they can perform on English pitches.

If you’re an absolute beginner, they may also provide you with that little bit of a helping hand, providing you with better contact and helping you to get the ball moving as a batter.

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