How Much Do Cricket Bats Cost? The Real Price

How Much Do Cricket Bats Cost? The Real Price 1

Cricket equipment is not cheap. If you work out the average cost of the stuff Ben Stokes carries around in his bag then you would probably be pretty shocked at the price. At the high level, though, the elite quality can make a big difference. 

To the average joe playing in his village cricket team, you need something reliable, but spending thousands on bats may not be an option. So what are some of the pricing points? How much do cricket bats cost and what can you expect for your money?

What Impacts the Price of Bats?

Before we delve into some rough prices and examples, it is a good idea to understand why bats cost the amount that they do. Numerous factors impact the price of the bats on the market:

  • Willow. This is probably the number one factor in bat prices. Only certain types of willow are suitable for bats, and it isn’t the most abundant wood, nor is it easy to grow. That means it is quite expensive, especially English Willow. The Village Cricket Bat’s Kashmir Willow design is an ideal solution as the willow, while the same species, is grown in India and is more of an affordable yet durable option.
  • Brand. Let’s face it, there is a premium attached to certain brands. If a brand is used by a certain professional it is likely that the cost will be higher and passed on to those who buy the bat.
  • Size. There are many different bat sizes including junior sizes. Juniors use less material to make, of course. This means that the price is usually lower. The annoying thing is that you have to buy them regularly as children grow so quickly.
  • Quality. The wood is also graded and the quality of the wood is taken into account during manufacture. Things like blemishes on the wood and the straightness of the grains play a part in the grading process and in turn impact the value. A bit like buying a wooden instrument, the very elite materials cost the most. 

Toy Bats and Cricket Sets – Under £50

If you just want a simple set for the kids or some friends to have a play in the garden or at the beach then you can pick up a plastic set. Our plastic set is just £25. Of course, you won’t turn into a world-class cricketer using this but it is a good start and ideal for playing with friends. You get everything you need for a very reasonable price.

There are bats made out of poor-quality composite woods out there, too. You can pick these up for under £50 but they are also only likely to be good for playing in the garden, too. If you try to use a hard ball with these cheaper bats it is likely that they’ll break pretty much straight away.

A Reliable Budget Bat – £117

How Much Do Cricket Bats Cost? The Real Price 2

The Village Cricket Bat is the cheapest way to get your hands on a bat that is reliable, can handle the hard ball, and keeps you playing season after season.

Our bat is kept at a low price point due to the fact that we use the strong yet affordable Kashmir Willow. On top of that, we don’t chase sponsorship deals, and we are focused on keeping equipment affordable for the village cricketer to allow everyone to play.

The bat is designed to last season after season and even comes with a guarantee. The low middle is ideal for English conditions and allows you to find the sweet spot more often than bats with a high middle. 

The bat comes already knocked in and ready to play and even comes with a carry case. There aren’t many places where you can buy a bat that is good enough to face delivery after delivery with a hard leather ball for this kind of price.

A Quality English Willow Bat – £300-600

Looking for an English Willow cricket bat? Prepare to pay a premium for it. 

For example, the New Balance DC 1280 Cricket Bat, released in time for the 2023 season, has an RRP of almost £500. It is a quality bat, but even this doesn’t promise the willow to be blemish-free. 

This kind of bat can provide you with a pro companion when you take to the crease. The DC range includes the bat that Steve Smith uses. 

At this price range you can find some bats (not the very top end) from manufacturers including Adidas, GM and Gray-Nicolls, but you might not get the very best willow and it can still have blemishes.

Pro/Custom Bats – £600+

This is where things get pretty expensive. There are some great brands making some very high-quality bats. 

A quick look at a smaller brand (but one known for its quality professional bats) shows you how much a top bat costs. Their speciality bats are over £600 each, which is a mighty big investment for a village cricketer.

At this price range you have a lot of different options including some handmade bats, and you will want to take care of your investment and take good care of your bat. Of course, this is always good advice when spending money on any kind of bat.

How Much Should You Spend?

So, as you can see from our guide, it is not necessarily a case of how much the bats cost as much as it is how much you should choose to spend on the bat. You can buy a more affordable option, or you can go all out and buy one of the elite English Willow bats. It is crucial that you consider your own needs and budget. Only you know exactly how much you should spend on the bat itself, but the good news is that with the Village Cricket Bat, you don’t have to spend a fortune to get a great quality bat to take with you on a Saturday.

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