First Cricket Set: Get Your Kid Into Cricket

first cricket set

Has your kid finally developed an interest in cricket? Whether you’ve spent years trying to get them interested in cricket or they’ve discovered the T20 or test cricket on their own and think it looks like fun, it is a perfect opportunity to nurture your child’s interests and hobbies.

Luckily, you don’t have to go out and buy all of the equipment separately. A cricket set can be a good way to ensure that they have everything they need and start their own cricket games in the garden. Just don’t be surprised if you get roped in to be umpire, wicket keeper, batter, bowler, and definitely fielder.

When to Buy Your Child a Cricket Set?

When you buy a junior cricket bat you will notice that they come in a range of different sizes. These sizes vary from size 1 to size 6. Size 1 is usually suitable for children once they hit around four years old, but you can get your kid started earlier than this if they are interested.

The best time to get your child their first cricket set is when they show an interest, of course. Luckily, whether this happens at 4 years of age or your child is 10 or 11 when they first show an interest, cricket sets are made to be flexible, and cricket bats can be bought in a variety of different sizes.

The Plastic Cricket Set – The Ideal First Cricket Set

First Cricket Set: Get Your Kid Into Cricket 1

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The Village Cricket Co. was founded to make cricket more accessible to people, and now with the plastic cricket set, you can even buy your kids their very first cricket set to enjoy and play in the garden, at the beach, or even at the park.

One of the great things about the plastic cricket set is that it doesn’t require you to put the stumps in the ground. They come with their own base, and even the additional single stump to mark out the non-strikers end also has a base. There are two balls and a specific wind ball for more challenging bowling. 

As well as this, you get a sturdy bat that can be used by both children and adults. It’s designed mainly for kids, but if you are setting up an impromptu game on the beach then it can be good for the whole family, or even a group of friends. A handy carry bag means you can take it with you anywhere. This is ideal for putting in the back of your car, ready for a day trip. 

The set consists of: 

  • Cricket set with everything you need
  • Plastic bat, 3 stumps, 1 stump base, 2 bails and a plastic ball
  • Lightweight size 5 plastic bat
  • Lightweight cricket set with carry bag

Of course, if you have additional bats or other practice equipment already you can mix and match and take more gear with you.

Gunn & Moore Opener Junior Cricket Set Age 4-8 – For Even Younger Children

First Cricket Set: Get Your Kid Into Cricket 2

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Gunn & Moore has also created a decent product for the younger children out there. It isn’t really a suitable option for adults or even anyone over the age of 8 due to the fact that it is pretty tiny, but if you have very young children this can be an option for the garden. 

It’s got one set of stumps, but be warned that it doesn’t have any way to mark out the non-strikers end. This is definitely more of a toy than anything, but that might be exactly what you need if your youngest children are starting to play for the first time, and it helps to ensure no injuries.

As well as plastic stumps and a bat this comes with an all-weather rubber ball. Good for the young kids but doesn’t allow for a game of cricket for the whole family.

Do I Need Protective Equipment For Kids?

A good thing about a plastic set like the plastic cricket set from the Village Cricket Co. is that it is a very safe way to play. You don’t have to worry about the outcome if someone gets hit by the ball (or if your windows get hit). 

If you are using plastic equipment then it is not a big deal whether you use protective equipment or not, but you can always add some junior pads if you wish. Once you start playing with a harder ball and a willow bat then it is time to get the padding out.

Summary – Buying Your Kid’s First Cricket Set

The Village Cricket Co. plastic set makes a great first set. It’s affordable and a great option for seeing whether your kids will engage with the game. Eventually they may move onto playing for a team, but having a bag that you can take to the park and have all you need to play is a huge bonus. 

The first cricket set you buy for your kids can make or break their passion for the sport. Make sure you choose the right model.

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