Best Cricket Gift Ideas for 2023

Perfect for the cricket fans in your life. In this guide, we’re exploring a little something for every age group as we run down the best cricket gift ideas for 2023, whether it’s for Christmas or someone’s birthday.

If you are struggling with a gift idea for somebody then cricket can be the perfect inspiration. It can be an expensive hobby and this means that people are often delighted to receive equipment, tickets, merch, and other cricket-related presents.

Let’s dive straight into some cricket gift ideas.

Dales, Bails and Cricket Club Tales – An Incredible Village Cricket Read

With the onset of spring comes the eagerly awaited club cricket season. Fans rejoice in the resonant crack of the ball on the bat, the echoing calls of ‘Howzat!’, and the inviting smell of homemade scones.

In his journey through Yorkshire’s local cricket, John Fuller introduces the unique traditions of indoor net practice, the challenge of springy pitches, playing amidst the sounds of sheep, launching sixes into the sea, and indulging in the region’s best cricket tea.

The Village Cricket Bat Kids Bat – Perfect for Children

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Our cricket bat is a great affordable cricket gift idea for those who are looking to take up the hobby in their youth. Whereas adults will usually buy one bat and keep it for as long as it lasts them, children often need to replace their bats (or at least, their parents need to replace the bats).

As kids grow the appropriate size will change, and this means that birthdays might be the perfect time to buy them a new bat that is the correct size, and perfect for taking to their next nets session.

The Village Cricket Bat comes in all youth sizes, and provides the perfect tool for playing in a match or in practice sessions. It’s durable, built with the bounce of English pitches in mind, and doesn’t cost as much as a lot of the competing models, which can be eye-wateringly expensive.

Our bat balances affordability with quality, and even offers a guarantee. We’ve even got a handy guide for you to check the sizing for whoever you are purchasing the bat for. 

Plastic Cricket Set – Fun Gift For Cricket Beginners

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Plastic cricket set by the Village Cricket Co.

For someone who has shown an interest in the game but never played much, or who just wants a simple and affordable way to start playing at home, the plastic cricket set is a perfect place to start.

A lot of cricket lovers had something like this when they were kids, and they allow everyone to join in and have a fun game of cricket at home in the garden, in the local park or at the beach, without the need for expensive or heavy equipment. These are perfect for slinging in the back of a car and taking on a fun trip.

The plastic cricket set can be useful for both kids and adults alike, and in this option you get a size 5 plastic bat, 3 stumps, a stump base, 2 bails and a plastic ball (which means it isn’t going to do any damage if it hits your windows).

Lots of people would love to have a way to play cricket at home but a hard cricket ball and “proper” cricket bat can be a recipe for disaster without the right environment. This way, everyone’s got a way to get involved and have a bit of fun without the need for nets. You can have a full game with a few friends.

Test Match Cricket – The Authentic All Action Cricket Game

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This is an awesome game that even lets players get hands-on when playing a simulation of cricket. It’s hard to imagine that it can be condensed into a tabletop game like this, but it works really well for kids and adults, and you can have between two and 22 players.

If you’ve ever come across Subbuteo, it’s a similar idea, but with different forms of cricket. Someone controls the bowler, and someone else controls the batter. You can even go really in-depth and score the whole game just like a real test match. If you’re short on time, you can play the game as a T20 or a one day match, too.

“Fun for all ages” is a bit of a cliche, but this really does fit the bill, and it is great for filling the time on boxing day, too.

This game was first released in the 1960s and has never become super popular, but it is a lot of fun, and you can even paint the figures to those of your favourite teams if you want to.

Tickets For a Cricket Match

One of the most considerate gifts for someone who loves the sport is to get them tickets for a cricket match, and there are more opportunities than ever. There are one day matches, T20, and even games at The Hundred now which offer the chance to send someone to a match.

If you can get tickets for an International match, even better. Some people have always dreamed of going to an Ashes game, for instance, and you can make that dream come true if you can get hold of tickets for them. Obviously, most of the matches are in the summer, but they often go on sale well in advance, so it is worth having a look even if you want to buy cricket tickets for games the following summer. 

Replica Kit

Another great gift option for kids and adults alike. Replica kit is great to wear at your next cricket training session, or just while watching the cricket, and it makes a really good gift.

What’s more, there are more replica items than ever before. As well as getting T20 kits, you can also buy training gear, official polo shirts, caps, hoodies, and more.

Another cool option is to buy retro kit from years gone by. The 1992 World Cup kits, in particular, are some of the most iconic kits we’ve seen, and have been reissued many times so can be purchased without having to trawl eBay for 30 year old cricket kits.

Cricket Beer Mats

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Check out these awesome cricket beer mats. If only they were real beers. They are a real lifesaver of a gift if you know someone who is into cricket and beer, and if you’ve ever played or watched any cricket before, you will know that plenty of people fit that description.

These are a sort of “novelty gift” but they have their use, too, and they’re bound to bring a smile to a loved one’s face.

Cricket Books and Documentaries

There are some amazing cricket books out there, and more published every single year. For the true cricket lover, who can never get enough of the game they love, sitting down to read about the sport and hear the experiences of stars of the game can be a huge thrill.

We’ve even created a full list of the best books available for cricket lovers in 2023 here, so you can choose which you think your friend or family member will enjoy the most. 

For a light-hearted take, writers like Henry Blofeld and David Lloyd (Bumble) have a really entertaining style, but there are also a lot of books about the mechanics of the game, and even about cricket statistics.

There have also been some incredible documentaries made in recent years, including “The Test” which is a documentary following the Australia cricket team, which can provide good gift opportunities.

Cricket Experience Days

A lot of the best gifts are those that can provide something that is a once in a lifetime experience. Virgin Experience days, among others, are an ideal experience, and the beauty of buying gifts like these is that they come as vouchers, meaning whoever you have bought them for will be able to choose a day that works for them to attend.

Experience days range from tours of cricket grounds (often including food and drink) all the way through to a personalised experience at a bat manufacturer, where you can see how it works, and even have your own high-quality bat made. This is very expensive for a casual gift, but it may fit the bill for a special occasion.

Cricket Socks

Is it even Christmas or a birthday if there aren’t some socks changing hands? 

There are some really cool cricket sock designs out there, and they make a great stocking-filler or small gift that shows that you have thought about somebody’s interests. They’re also excellent secret santa gifts if you’re stuck, and you know that the  person you’re buying for enjoys cricket.

This really nice cricket sock gift set is a perfect example.

Cricket Shoes

Sticking with the footwear theme. Cricket shoes are a lot more expensive, and they aren’t the most exciting gift for people to open, as they can’t usually use them straight away. This is an example of something you can buy to help someone who is into playing cricket, but finds it a bit pricey! 

Cricket shoes are expensive, and a lot of us put off buying new ones because of that fact, so they can be a good gift if you know that a family member, or your child who plays cricket, needs some new spikes on their feet.

Make sure you check sizing first. If you’re buying for children, this can change in a matter of weeks, so it is important to buy the right size, and make sure you buy something they like, too. Surprises are all well and good, but this is the sort of gift you need to consult on before you take the plunge and make the purchase.

Cricket Artwork

Cricket has always had a close link with art, and a lot of artists, in many different styles, have made an attempt to portray the gentleman’s game.

Artwork can make a beautiful gift for any occasion, and there are a variety of options from this image of Jos Buttler breaking the stumps to win England the world cup, through to some beautiful prints of cricket paintings. Former England cricketer Jack Russell is a talented artist and he sells prints via his website of a variety of cricket grounds and scenes he has painted.

Maybe the cricket-lover in your life has recently moved house and you are looking for the perfect moving-in gift. Artwork to display in the living room or the study can be the perfect idea.

An alternative to this sort of artwork may also be signed photographs. If your cricketing friend has a favourite player then you might be able to get a signed picture or even a signed piece of merchandise.

Cricket Balls

Cricketers go through a lot of balls. If you’re often playing with friends then you may have a bag of old balls that are misshapen and worn.

Buying a cricketer balls as a gift is a bit like buying them socks. We’ve all got those tatty, worn out socks that can’t really survive another year, and the same can be said of cricket balls.

It’s not the most exciting gift but it certainly will help a cricket player out. You can buy balls on their own or in packs of three, six, or more, great for lasting through a cricketing summer.

As well as leather cricket balls like those the pros use, there are plenty of other wind ball and tape ball options that are more suitable for playing at home or at the park, and these can be a good option for children.

Cricket Wallet

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What does a cricket ball and a wallet have in common? They’re both made out of leather. 

Some clever soul has created the cricket wallet, with the signature stitching and colouring of a cricket ball. The perfect gift for a cricket lover, and a way to keep your cards and cash safe, while showing everyone you’re a fan of the game.

Though it looks like a bit of a novelty present, this is actually very high-quality and functional.

Conclusion – The Best Cricket Gifts

Like any time you buy a gift, it is best to think carefully about the person you’re buying it for first. Perhaps you can make their day special by sending them on a cricket adventure, or perhaps you will be able to spare them some of the expense of buying the cricket equipment themselves for their next season or even to pick up a personalised cricket gift.

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