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The Best Cricket Bat Deals for 2023

There’s nothing like the feel of a new cricket bat. Whether you are a professional or a village cricketer, you’re likely to get attached to your bat, or at least to a certain brand of bats.

Looking out for cricket bat deals is a good way to save some money. Cricket bats are notoriously expensive, and some professional models can be many hundreds of pounds. This is fine if you’re getting paid to play cricket, but the average hobbyist doesn’t want (or necessarily need) to spend this much.

Finding The Best Cricket Bat Deals

How can you find the best cricket bat discounts? Are there some tricks and tips you can use?

Well, it helps if you are flexible with brands. If you aren’t so brand-loyal that you need to get a specific bat then you can just opt for the best value for money.

Some methods of choosing great deals include:

  • Signing up to cricket store mailing lists. If you follow a sports store that occasionally has sales then you should sign up to the mailing lists. That way, you will get an email when they have some equipment on sale.
  • Buying in “off-season” times. There aren’t necessarily huge savings to be had in the off-season. People may already be preparing for the next time they can swing the bat at their local nets. Those with access to indoor nets might never stop practicing, so there’s a demand all year. However, if there is going to be a dip in prices, it’ll be in the winter in the UK. Also, make sure you keep your eyes peeled during Black Friday.
best cricket bat deal

Should I Buy Second Hand?

A lot of people who are looking to save money on their cricket equipment buy second hand. If there’s one thing not to buy second hand, it’s a bat.

You might get lucky and buy a bat that has been looked after well, but if you buy second hand from someone you don’t know, it’s very possible that there could be issues with the bat. It might not have been treated properly, so it could have dried out or be left in bad condition. You also won’t get any sort of warranty, so if it breaks after a couple of weeks, you’re out of luck.

Luckily, there is a value bat that can be ideal, and offer you protection as a buyer.

The Village Cricket Bat – A Permanent Deal

The Village Cricket Bat has been developed in a clever way that doesn’t break the bank. It was created by Freddie & George, who understand the problems village cricketers face. You don’t want to make a compromise when it comes to quality, but spending £300-400 is not an option for a lot of us.

Freddie & George spent three years researching how the process of manufacturing works, and the types of willow that produce quality, long-lasting bats.

All of this comes in at under £100. Impressive savings that you can use on other equipment. Who needs to look for deals when the price is always that reasonable?

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Features of The Village Cricket Bat

What makes this bat so good for the money?

Standard weight – the bat comes in one standard weight. It’s designed to be 2lb 9oz, perfect for any type of cricketer, whether you love to slog or you are more of a defensive player.

Pre-knocked in – the Village Cricket Bat doesn’t need you to spend a lot of time knocking in your bat. If you pay for someone else to do this for you, this is yet another expense, and a way that this bat can save you money.

Made for English conditions – the bat has a low middle, which is designed to help village players. It suits the English pitches which tend to have a slow bounce and the ball might keep low.

Built to last season after season – most bats are designed to eventually break. This is a property of the willow that manufacturers use. Our bat uses Salix Alba willow. This is a long-lasting wood. It also has all of the properties needed for playing cricket. It will last you many seasons, especially if you treat it right. Some professional cricketers have used this type of willow. We’re not suggesting you’ll see the Village Cricket Bat at a big test series soon, but it shows that traditional English willow isn’t the only option.

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How The Village Cricket Bat Prices Are So Low

It’s natural to wonder “how are these bats so affordable?” There are a couple of ways that the Village Cricket Co. keeps prices down.

There’s no professional chasing. Most manufacturers run a marketing campaign that involves sponsorship, or effectively paying professionals to use the bat. Many people are easily swayed by seeing a bat used in the IPL or in test cricket. The Village Cricket Bat is not about chasing sponsorship. The Village Cricket Co. saves a lot of money by not seeking this sort of endorsement and chasing professionals.

The build of the bat is clever. The materials don’t detract from the quality, but don’t cost as much as other forms of willow. The strength and longevity of the bat is unquestionable, and the price is still reasonable.

If you’ve just started to play cricket, or you’re buying equipment for your teenage son or daughter who has just started playing, you’ll know that it adds up. Financially, there can be a barrier to entry with cricket that other sports don’t have. Looking for cricket bat deals or deals on other equipment can be a good way to save some money.

The Village Cricket co. set out to provide value all year round, and to create a bat that can last for years, as well as giving an incredible level of quality on a budget. This means you don’t necessarily have to spend a long time hunting for those deals.

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