Cricket Bat Cracks: What Do They Mean?

cricket bat cracks

You’ve taken good care of your bat, knocked it in, and made sure you use it responsibly, but it still gets a crack. This can be incredibly frustrating. So what do cricket bat cracks mean? Is it likely to be fatal for a cricket bat or can you repair a cricket bat with a crack?

The good news is that cricket bat cracks don’t always have to spell the end of your cricket bat. We’re not going to lie and say that it is a good thing to get a crack in your bat, but it certainly doesn’t have to be the end. 

Where Cracks Appear

Cracks and marks in the wood are virtually inevitable. Over time, parts of your bat are going to get cracked and scuffed.

Cracks are most likely in the following parts of the bat:

The toe. This is the weak part of a bat and also one that can see a lot of action. For instance, getting placed on the ground after a run or scraping the ground as you play your shots. This means that it is likely that there will be cracks.

The handle. Handles can get damaged and they may even start to feel loose. Sometimes you can hear the sound of a handle becoming loose, too. You might not feel like you can play all of your shots so well in this scenario. The handle might need to be repaired.

The face of the bat. The bat is going to be constantly bombarded with deliveries. As you continue to play, you will see that there are red marks on the face of the bat, which is totally normal, and you might also get some hairline cracks. Not a great deal can be done about this. 

Edges and shoulders. These are also likely to get cracked as you play shots and find the edges (inevitably). If you see a bat with a lot of tape then it is likely that there have been some cracks around the outside.

A rule of thumb is that a crack up to two inches can potentially be fixed using the methods below, but bigger cracks mean that you should seek some help. There are bat manufacturers and maintenance companies that can provide you with repairs that you need.

Repair Options

Small cracks are usually things that you can deal with yourself. If you find a small crack then you can use a simple PVA or other wood adhesive. This means that you just insert some glue into the crack and wait for it to dry, before using bat tape. This is a specific type of tape that has been reinforced and enhanced and can give some protection to your bat. It is a form of reconditioning and refurbishing your bat. 

Bigger cracks may need more treatment, and you may even need a new handle. It is possible that you may want to get someone to professionally recondition or refurbish your bat.

Buying a Bat That Won’t Break

While nobody knows exactly what is going to happen with a bat, and how long its lifespan is likely to be, most of the best manufacturers will happily provide you with a guarantee of some sort, so that you know that your bat is protected for a certain length of time after you have purchased it. 

At the Village Cricket Co., our products come with a full year’s warranty, so if anything is to happen to your cricket bat then we will replace it free of charge. It is nice to have this peace of mind, knowing that if you get a crack or break that can’t be fixed, you have protection for the first year.

Of course, quality willow is also a vital aspect of the bat and its quality. If you take a poor-quality bat made of composite wood and try to play shots against a hard ball then it is very likely it will crack, or even shatter entirely. There is a reason why we use willow!

Bats should also be properly knocked-in. Fortunately, if you buy a bat from the Village Cricket Co. it arrives at your door having already been professionally knocked in.

Other prevention methods include using a scuff-guard at the bottom of your bat, which can help to protect the toe of the bat. 

Summary: Cricket Bat Cracks Are Normal

A cricket bat crack might cause you to panic. You’ve invested in your bat and you want it to last you a few seasons at least. 

Taking good care of your bat means that it won’t get as many cracks, but it is still likely that you will get some small cracks and damage on the bat. A fix can be as simple as PVA Glue and some bat tape. 

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