Best Big Edge Cricket Bats For 2023

Best Big Edge Cricket Bats For 2023 1

In this guide, we’re diving into the best big edge cricket bats for 2023. A quality cricket bat can make a huge difference to a village cricketer, or even a professional cricketer. The fact is that if you head out to the middle without a bat that can do the job properly then you are putting yourself at a disadvantage.

However, the right cricket bat for you might not be the same as the right bat for someone else. Some of us are looking for cricket bats with a thick edge, as it can help to score more runs and for some cricketers it perfectly complements their style. We explore more below.

Why Use a Thick Edge Cricket Bat?

For many beginners, you might wonder what benefit a thick edge cricket bat could possibly have. If you’ve not played the game, you might even think all bats have a similar design.

It is certainly true that some bats have thicker edges than others, and a chunkier design. This doesn’t automatically make you a better cricketer of course, but it is worth considering the fact that you might not always middle your shots.

If you find that when you’re batting you often hit the ball but with an edge or a feathered touch off the corners of your bat (there’s no shame in this) then a thick edge can actually help. It can allow you to make a better connection and impart more power on the ball.

Let’s face it, not many of us village cricketers have a reputation for hitting it in the middle of the bat every time. If you have a big edge cricket bat then there is more of a chance that swinging the willow will end up with more powerful shots.

Do Thick Edge Cricket Bats Mean You Edge More Deliveries?

The thickness of the edge is more about the depth of the willow and whether there is power when you hit the ball with the edge. It doesn’t mean that you edge more. The dimensions of the bat don’t change enough to make it likely that you are going to take more edges, and even if the bat had a bigger surface area, thick edges mean it is more likely to fly further if you should catch the edge. 

Every player is different, but there’s a good chance that a bat with a thicker edge might mean when you do edge it, it travels a bit further and may fly through the slips. 

Whether you want a bat with a thick edge or not is a matter of personal preference, of course. Some cricketers will find they play their best cricket with a thick edge, like some will prefer a light bat and others will prefer a heavy bat. 

The Rules on Cricket Bat Edges

The cricket bat dimensions are covered in Law 5 of the Laws of Cricket. These clearly indicate that the length of the bat may be no more than 38 in (965 mm), the width no more than 4.25 in (108 mm), the overall depth no more than 2.64 in (67 mm) and edge no more than 1.56 in (40 mm).

As long as your edge is within 40mm, you will be absolutely fine. There are even some bats out there that are thicker than this, with manufacturers claiming that most amateur associations don’t mind you using them. It’s up to you if you take the risk.

The Village Cricket Bat

Best Big Edge Cricket Bats For 2023 2

RRP £117 Buy on Village Cricket Co

Find the gaps, even if that is through the slips. Our bat has been designed for village cricketers, and it is a forgiving bat with a thick and powerful edge. As well as having a large powerful sweet spot, it also boasts a low middle designed for English pitches, and of course, strong and thick edges. 

If you make contact with this bat then you’re likely to score some runs. For a village cricketer, that can only be a good thing! It’s a trustworthy companion no matter what type of player you are, and at 2 lb 9 oz it is perfect for power hitters and touch players alike.

We’re able to keep our bats affordable as we do not go looking for sponsorships or spend money on unnecessary advertising or fancy branding. This means we can pass the savings on to our buyers, who can have a drink on us.

The bat comes with its own carry case, and as a big bonus for cricket players everywhere, it also comes knocked in, so as soon as it arrives at your house, it is ready for you to take to the nets or even to a game. 

SS TON Power Plus

Best Big Edge Cricket Bats For 2023 3

RRP £249.99 Buy on DKP Cricket Online

The SS TON is a great bat for those who want a thick profile without weighing too much. It comes in at around 2 lb 9 oz and is made from English Willow, but the grade of the wood may not be the highest. 

The bat has concaving, but not a great deal, meaning that when you middle it, it certainly stays hit. The bat looks good, and has some black grips. It’s a version of a bat used by Johnny Bairstow, though he will definitely be using willow of the highest grades. 

All-in-all, a solid bat, but one that could be improved with higher grades of willow.

Summary – Finding a Big Edge Cricket Bat

If you think thick edge cricket bats might be the answer then it is definitely a good idea to experiment with one of the models on this list. Having a thick edge si a very good way to ensure that even when you edge the ball, it has a chance to fly away through the slips or even score you the odd boundary. With the Village Cricket Bat, you can also find a great option on a budget. 

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