Best Cricket Shoes for 2023

Best Cricket Shoes for 2023 1
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When you’re buying cricket shoes it is vital that you make the right choice. Nobody wants to wake up the day after a match with blisters and sores because of their poor choice of footwear.

Cricket equipment is confusing to buy, but you might assume that cricket shoes are at least a bit more straightforward. This is not necessarily the case, as you need to do some research and make sure you get the right shoes for the conditions and type of player you are. Luckily, we’ve made your research easy.

In this guide, we walk you through choosing a cricket shoe before we go through some of the very best cricket shoes available in 2022.

How to Choose Cricket Shoes

What are the main considerations when it comes to choosing the best cricket shoes for you?


This is the top thing to discuss, especially for people who are new to the sport. Unless you are going to play cricket exclusively indoors, you need to wear spikes.

Spikes are a little bit like studs on football boots. They sink into the pitch to allow you better grip as you are running around, and if you watch the pros, you’ll see a lot of people wearing spikes.

In the summer conditions you might get away with just standard trainers, but generally if you are going to play a lot of cricket, invest in a pair with spikes. 

A lot of cricket shoes have removable spikes, which can be a great solution, it means you can take the spikes out and replace them as they get worn.


A lot of sport shoes should be bought a size up due to the fact that you’ll be wearing big thick socks with them. This probably isn’t the case with your cricket shoes.

You can buy the normal size that you would wear when buying trainers or running shoes.


Cricket shoes have to help you through a lot. All those hours out in the field, and hopefully more than five minutes when you’re in bat.

Arguably the most important aspect is cushioning. This helps you to keep your feet from getting too beaten up while you’re out there, and that you can still walk the following day. 

It’s not necessarily a case of having to get the latest and most expensive shoes, just so long as you have thought about the padding and cushioning they provide your feet. There’s no point in getting yourself hurt.


Nobody wants to buy new shoes every couple of months. A good pair of cricket shoes should be able to last you a whole season and hopefully much longer if you are a casual player.

The longevity of your shoes comes down to a lot of factors including the materials, how you look after them, and how well-made they are.

The Best Cricket Shoes on The Market

Let’s explore some of the very best shoes out there that can give your feet some respite while you’re playing the upcoming season.

New Balance CK4040 R5 Cricket Shoes

Best Cricket Shoes for 2023 2

RRP £125 – Buy on Discount Cricket Outlet

New Balance is a great brand for cricket footwear and they make some of the most comfortable cricket shoes with spikes. These are the newest offering for 2022.

The CK4040 R5 have a FuelCell midsole which is designed to help with cushioning and comfort, but the brand also claims that it helps with propulsion, building up speed as you steam in or chase down the ball in the field.

There’s a foam tongue with a very high density, which is designed to give you a close yet comfortable fit so you can move freely and know that your shoes will stay responsive. Nylon webbing straps help them to stay securely on your feet and are easy to secure in place. 

These are around the price you would expect for a good pair of cricket shoes with spikes. Not quite a bargain, but very reasonable considering the features.

Puma 19.1 Bowling Spike Cricket Shoes

Best Cricket Shoes for 2023 3

RRP £120 – Buy on Discount Cricket Outlet

These are an exceptional option for bowlers but they are also available in a standard cricket shoe design that can be used for batting and fielding.

If you’re looking for one of the best shoes to keep you storming to the crease at high speeds time and time again then it is hard to look beyond these bowling shoes.

They have a rubber plate on the bottom with removable (and replaceable) spikes as well as a TPU shank which gives stability.

If you care about the looks, these shoes are available in three different excellent designs that mean you’ll look the business. Let’s hope your skills match up!

The light upper is good for changes of direction and speed, and the midsole has a lot of cushioning too. With a lightweight mesh design and TPU skin, it is hard to argue with these cricket shoes as one of the very best options for bowling.

Gunn and Moore Original Spike Cricket Shoes

Best Cricket Shoes for 2023 4

RRP £64.99 – Buy on Discount Cricket Outlet

Loads of cricketers place their total trust in the GM brand and it is easy to see why they’ve been a mainstay of cricket for a long time now. 

The Gunn and Moore Original Spike Cricket Shoes are revamped for 2022 and they make a value option for the village cricketer. Not everyone wants to drop hundreds on a decent set of shoes and spikes.

First and foremost, these are functional and reliable. The lightweight upper has plenty of lining and a moulded TPR heel helps you to keep your shoe in place and protect the heel even through the punishment of bowling.

The sole is compression moulded and has the spikes built in, along with some extra moulded “pimple” studs. These are made to help with even more grip and to keep you stable, even if there’s some dew or moisture on the outfield.

In terms of comfort, the tri-layer cushioning makes these shoes another top option with a good balance between a lightweight shoe, but plenty of arch support and cushioning.

New Balance CK4020 C4 Junior Rubber Cricket Shoes

Best Cricket Shoes for 2023 5

RRP £49.99 – Buy from Discount Cricket Outlet

If you’re looking for a junior option, this affordable set of cricket shoes can be a good first step (pun intended). 

They feature moulded rubber studs rather than metal spikes, and can even be used for indoor practice sessions.

The leather upper helps to keep the integrity and shape of the shoe. There’s a foam insole that means you get a decent level of support and there is also a clever moulded heel to reinforce your feet while you play.

The clever pattern gives ventilation so these shoes shouldn’t get too stuffy while they’re being used, which can be a blessing for parents too.

Cricket Shoe Maintenance

If you’re investing in a new set of cricket shoes, you need to know how to look after them, too. Here are our top tips for maintenance:

  • Check the shoes after every game or practice session. 
  • Don’t place the shoes in the sun when you’re not using them, this can damage some of the materials used to make the shoe, not to mention ruining the colours.
  • Dry the shoes out and aerate them if they have become wet during play. 
  • Replace the spikes regularly if you can, especially if you see signs of wear and tear.
  • Don’t leave them in your cricket bag, especially if they are damp. This can cause them to get very clammy.
  • Never wash your shoes at high temperatures as this will warp and ruin the materials.

There are a lot of cricket shoes on the market and new models are being released all the time. Fortunately, as technology improves and shoe manufacturers evolve, there tends to be even more choice of cricket shoes for the consumer. You can find something that looks great and gives you the support you need.

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