Best Cricket Pads For Skinny Legs

cricket pads for skinny legs

Not every cricketer has big powerful legs to keep them steady while they launch six after six out of the ground. Some of us have to cope with skinny legs. 

Hey, at least there’s less chance of being given out LBW, right? Well, that’s not strictly true as getting hit on the pads can lead to an LBW decision. Sadly, no pads can help you out with that one, but it is still crucial that you find the ideal cricket pads for skinny legs to help give you the level of protection you would hope for.

How to Choose Cricket Pads For Skinny Legs

If your legs happen to fall into the “skinny” category then there are some extra considerations when it comes to choosing your pads. 

Of course, you still need to think about the same things as everybody else. First and foremost, pads need to give you great protection, so it is well worth investing in a set of pads that do exactly that. It is also best to choose pads that are made in right-handed and left-handed designs. Ambidextrous pads are fine for the odd occasion, but they don’t give you the maximum protection.

Of course, everybody also needs to think about price. The budget for your pads is never going to be unlimited, so you should pay some thought to how much you want to spend. Cricket is an expensive hobby so any savings on equipment should be very welcome.

On top of these considerations, the skinny-legged player must consider:

  • Weight of the pads. You don’t want pads that are too heavy if your legs can’t handle the weight. If you are going to be running between the wickets, having pads that aren’t cumbersome could be the difference between making a run and getting run out.
  • Fit. Pads should fit nicely even on smaller legs, and this is achieved by multiple, quality straps to hold them properly in place.

Let’s explore a couple of options for pads for skinny legs.

Village Cricket Co. Pads – Affordable Pads For Skinny Legs

Best Light Cricket Pads for 2023 2

£47 – Buy on Village Cricket Co.

We’re determined to make cricket more affordable, even for the village cricketer. Pads shouldn’t cost the earth, and with our cricket pads you can enjoy lightweight yet sturdy protection. 

As well as the traditional, seven-bar design and the option to buy in right and left handed models (so your leading leg gets the most protection) these can boast a very snug and secure fit. 

This fit comes from the multiple straps including a knee strap, which helps to keep them secure. Even for those with the skinniest legs, it feels like you aren’t wearing pads, and that you are free to play your shots or run as required.

Finding great pads for such a low price is not easy, so if you need an accomplice for the season ahead and you want the confidence to know your legs won’t be ending the day battered and bruised, consider the Village Cricket Co. pads.

Adidas Incurza 1.0 Cricket Batting Pads

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RRP £120 – Buy on Cricket Direct

This is another set of lightweight and flexible pads that can be good for those with slimline legs. The pads are a bit more expensive than some of the other options, but if you want that professional look and feel then they may be an option. 

The Incurza pads are favoured by some of the pros, and have been worn by the likes of Jofra Archer, Sam Curran, and Tom Banton.

They are ideal for those with thin legs as the straps give you a lot of control and firmly keep the pads in place, even if they don’t have much to cling to!

The pads also manage to give great protection with high density foam inside, and a clever leather instep that can give you a bit more in the way of shielding, too. The pads have a TPU board inside to help to keep the shape and rigidity, even when the pads have been smacked by a few speedy deliveries.


Finding the ideal pads is not easy for any cricketer. You need to make sure you do your research and choose something that is going to suit your playing style, and your build. This means that for those with skinnier legs, there is another consideration to take into account before making your purchase and taking to the pitch. These pads will give you a high level of protection. 

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