best cricket bat under £100

Best Cricket Bat Under £100: A Great Cricket Bat For Cheap

There is nothing better than a bit of leather on willow in the bright English sun (or rain) on a Saturday afternoon.

The sound of the ball heading swiftly to the boundary is enough to make anyone want to pick up a new bat and join their local club.

founder of Village Cricket Co.

But cricket bats are so damn expensive!

Do they really need to be though?

What if you could get a quality cricket bat for under £100. Well, this is the new reality.

Spending less on a bat does not mean you end up with a cheap and nasty piece of willow. Instead, it’s about getting the best value cricket bat.

The Best Cricket Bat Under £100 – Village Cricket Bat (£97)

You can buy the Village Cricket Bat here.

The Village Cricket Bat, created by Freddie & George of Village Cricket Co. solves the every growing problem of cricket bats getting more and more expensive.

After over three years of research into the manufacturing process of cricket bats, different types of willow trees, even the best climate for willow trees to produce long-lasting cricket bats – the Village Cricket Bat was born.

The Village Cricket Bat has been created exclusively with village cricketers in mind. The bat is not for the pros, or the wannabe pros. It’s for the players. The players who truly love the game and love the friendships and banter that goes with the sport. You can even spend the savings on a round of beers for the team.

best affordable cricket bat

Village Cricket Bat Features – Why It’s The Best Cricket Bat Under £100

Low middle – designed for the slower, lower bounce of English village cricket pitches. This will help the vast majority of village players score more runs without them realising.

Standard weight (2lb 9oz) – to ensure the Village Cricket Bat’s price was kept low, only a single weight was created as it’s the most common and used weight of a bat in the UK.

No professional chasing – almost every cricket bat maker is chasing professionals or potential professionals by sponsoring them, giving them loads of free product. By actively not pursuing this, Village Cricket Co. save a lot of unnecessary expenses that are often passed onto bat buyers.

Designed to last – most cricket bats are designed to break (especially if you don’t look after them properly) due to the nature of the willow used. The Village Cricket Bat is made from the Salix Alba willow tree to ensure your new cricket bat will last for many seasons to come.

Free returns – buying only might be considered a risk, so to give you a chance to hold the bat – you can change your mind and get a full refund.

best bat under £100

The Village Cricket Bat is the perfect all-rounder cricket bat for village cricketers. Whether you’re just starting again after a few years out the game, picking up a bat for the first time, or need to replace the one you’ve just broken. You will not be disappointed with this bat. In fact, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

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