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Best Cricket Bat For Slogging: The Village Special

Whether you’re a top order batter who loves to accelerate your innings or play in 20 over competitions, or you’re a lower order batter who loves to add some quick runs for your teammates, you need a bat that is up to the task.

We all dream of being able to hit like Jos Buttler or Chris Gayle. It takes a lot of practice, impeccable timing, and a bat that can keep up with you. In this guide, we’re looking at what makes the best cricket bat for big hitting, so you can add boundaries galore to your game.

How to Choose a Bat For Slogging

In the centuries people have been playing cricket, so much has changed. The bat shape and size now is totally different from some of the iterations of the past. Not many sports have such a long history.

One of the things that characterise the modern game is the ability to find the boundaries more often than ever. Batters tend to hit a lot bigger. They’re better athletes, I think most people would agree. However, the shape, size and weight of the bat all play a part too.

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What should you look for to find the best bat for power hitting?

The Sweet Spot

The sweet spot is usually between 7 and 10 inches from the toe of your blade. It is the optimum area on the bat to come into contact with the ball. If you can find the sweet spot, you may well find the ropes.

This area tends to be packed quite densely with wood, and is one of the strongest parts of the bat, but the science of why the sweet spot is so effective is not fully understood.

The Bat Weight

There is an element of personal preference when it comes to choosing the right bat weight for you. Heavy bats usually hit the ball further, but only if they are handled correctly, and don’t make your batting too cumbersome.

A lot of modern players choose heavy bats. Chris Gayle is an example of a huge power hitter who uses a heavier than average bat.

The average bat is usually between 2lbs 6oz and 2lbs 9oz. Some batters prefer to go for bats that are up to 3lbs in weight, which definitely gives you a lot of power. If you are able to wield a heavier bat well, and get good speed through the ball, then you might see the ball disappear over the fence.

There are always exceptions, and because speed is still important, we don’t recommend going for a heavy 3lb bat to start with. Some batsmen such as Virat Kohli use light bats, preferring the flexibility this provides.

If you don’t know your preference, something in the midrange is a great solution. The Village Cricket Bat is 2lb 9oz, which is an ideal middle ground.


A bit of curvature on the bat can make it easier to play tough shots, and to make use of all angles. The best cricket bat for hitting as a 360-degree player usually have a curve, to enhance the sweet spot and give you more power, even if you don’t realise.

Quality Wood

There’s really no substitute for quality willow, but there are different types of willow that can be suitable for making a sturdy bat to keep up with big-hitting batters. The Village Cricket Bat uses Salix Alba willow, an affordable yet quality alternative to English willow, which keeps the price down but also maintains quality.

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The Best Cricket Bat For Slogging Under £100 – The Village Cricket Bat

By using Kashmir willow, or “Salix Alba” willow, the Village Cricket Co. can keep prices significantly lower, but retain the quality of a mid-weight and sturdy bat, ideal for big-hitting.

Kashmir willow was used by Sachin Tendulkar in his career as well as Sir Viv Richards. This willow doesn’t just make cheap imitation products, it provides exceptional bats at a great price.

At 2lb 9oz, it is a perfect middle-ground between flexibility and sturdiness, and the bat even comes knocked in so you can use it as soon as you get it.

The Village Cricket Bat is especially good for English pitches. The low middle (and therefore low sweet spot) means is ideal for the lower bounce many English pitches provide and make it more likely that you will hit the ball much further without adjusting your game.

The first time you play with one of these bats, you’ll be shocked at how much the ball flies off the surface and even the edges.

best cricket bat for slogging

On top of the playability and the fact that this bat can enhance your hitting, providing boundary after boundary, the bat is also built to last.

Most club and village cricketers know how frustrating (and expensive) it is to keep having to replace the bat. Because of the high quality of the Salix Alba willow, this bat will last you for many, many seasons if you treat it right, with the potential to be your best friend as you hit hundreds of sixes!

The Village Cricket Bat is great as an all-rounder, and can suit the new player as well as the experienced. It’s a great bat to have in the kit bag at your club to ensure that someone always has a bat, and it is versatile enough to provide an ideal tool for huge hitters along with defensive players who will look to see as many deliveries as possible.

Finding the best cricket bat for slogging means getting something heavy and well-made, but also a bat that you can build up some speed with. Price needs to be considered, too. It shouldn’t always cost £400 to get a decent bat that can allow you to hit through the covers. With the Village Cricket Bat, you can get the same pickup and sweet spot for under £100.

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