Best Beach Cricket Set for 2023

Best Beach Cricket Set for 2023 2

The beach is one of the best environments for a game of cricket. Though it’s not always conducive to proper bowling, it is a great way to have some fun with your friends, and even get a bit of a workout (it’s hard running on the sand!)

A beach cricket set is the best way to set up a game. You can take it with you in a bag and you’ll have everything you need to play with a few friends, including a ball that might work better on the beach than a “proper” cricket ball.

The Plastic Cricket Set By Village Cricket Co. 

​​Best Beach Cricket Set for 2023 3

Buy from Village Cricket Co. – Only £25

If you want to set up your own mini-ashes on the beach, you really aren’t going to need an expensive set of kit. In fact, you will need a ball that is lighter than a real cricket ball as this could even pose a hazard.

With the Plastic Cricket Set by Village Cricket Co. you can set up an informal game really simply and easily, and there is everything you need for a convenient cricket match (and you won’t have to use an old crate for wickets!)

This isn’t just a beach cricket set at all, it is possible to use this in the park and it is even a very good option for the garden that won’t cause any damage to your grass (the stumps come with a base). 

You get a plastic bat, three stumps for the striker’s end (with base) a single stump with base to mark out the non-striker’s end, and a wind ball. 

The ball is one of the crucial aspects of any game of cricket! You won’t be using a leather ball for this, but a wind ball is really interesting. If you flatten the sand out to make a proper wicket, you might be able to get a bit of bounce. If not, you might want to give some underarm bowling a go instead. A wind ball will move around somewhat, so it can actually be really good batting practice.

This set comes with a bag, really handy for storing and transporting it, so if you want to put it in the back of the car to take with you to the beach or park it is really easy to do so. Plus, it is far more lightweight than having to take a wooden cricket bat.

Kookaburra Blast Plus Cricket Set

Best Beach Cricket Set for 2023 4

Buy from Kookaburra – £59.99

Another option is the Kookaburra Blast Plus Cricket Set which you can buy in either size 2 or size 5 (bat sizes). This means it is good for a kids cricket game on the beach (but not so good for the adults if you go for a size 2).

If you are looking to get a cricket set that has enough stumps for two proper wickets this is a good option, it’s a little more expensive than the Village Cricket Co. option, and there is more to carry, but the kit is still a good option for taking out to the beach or playing pretty much anywhere, at the park, or in your garden.

This is another beach cricket set that comes with a handy carrying case and is small enough to take with you when you visit the beach.

Can I Use a Wooden Bat For Beach Cricket?

Of course, you can use a wooden bat for beach cricket if you want to, but a plastic bat makes it a lot more lightweight. Often when you’re going to the beach you are carrying things for the day ahead, so a lightweight bat definitely helps. A lot of people who don’t have a beach set will take a practice bat (often made out of cheaper wood than salix alba willow) and a tennis ball. Beach cricket is one of the brilliant aspects of the game, as it is a way to improvise and make it up as you go along (somewhat) so that includes equipment. A great beach cricket set is just a way to make life more convenient.

Should I Use a Tape Ball?

A tape ball is an interesting concept in cricket. It’s a way to add a seam to another ball such as a wind ball or a tennis ball. Tape balls are, as you might have guessed, a ball that isn’t a cricket ball, that has a tape around it! Check out a video below that shows how you make one, and the way that the ball is likely to behave.

It gives swing to cricket bowling, and lets you practice in a slightly more realistic way. It’s really up to you, but if you’re bowling underarm then a tape ball might not make a lot of sense.

What Are The Rules For Beach Cricket?

The rules are; there are no rules!

Well, the rules are whatever you decide that they are among your group. You can play as individuals or divide into teams, decide that you have boundaries on the beach or that you have to physically run every time you want to add to your score.

Beach cricket is informal and it is about having a bit of fun, so there are certainly no problems if you just want to make up the rules among your buddies. You might want a wicket keeper, you might just put a beach chair there and hope it blocks the ball. You might mark out a full pitch or you might want a smaller version (this is almost definitely the case unless you’ve got some strong arms in your midst).


Beach cricket is about having a laugh with your friends. It’s a social game and it is definitely not meant to be formal (though there are still likely to be occasional rows). Finding the best beach cricket set means you can ensure you have the right kit for a game to break out anywhere, any time.

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